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A College Game | Edogawakun | 8


"...first take the photos WE want. Before, you would have been given the privilege of choosing how to pose. Now you've lost it. This booth gives out four photos to a session and allows the customer to choose when it snaps. We have special orders for all four photos."

Anna held back a groan as she read the rest of her instructions. She couldn't see anyone in the area, but she'd still rather draw as little attention as possible. It was bad enough the nightie made her stand out more than a hutting cap, she didn't need to help the alluring garment.

Anna quickly ducked into the booth and readied it for the photos while she went over the poses again. Slowly this time, to make sure she gets them right. No need to make things harder on a technicality, right? What was going to make things harder was the dampness slowly building between her legs. Anna was petrified of being seen like this, be it on film or in the flesh. Somehow though, this whole situation was turning her on. She could feel her own juices sliding down her right leg as she got into position. She'd never admit this, even to herself, but somewhere in her mind she wanted a moment alone to reflect on this to an orgasmic conclusion.

However, she didn't have that moment yet. First, the photos. She loaded half the coins Diane gave her into the machine and prepared to strike her first pose. After she presses the button to take the photo, the booth gives her a whole 15 seconds to strike the pose. However, given the details the note asks for, it's more like only 15 seconds. Best to get the major parts of the poses done before pushing the button.

"First pose," the note began, "Face the camera and raise your arms." The nightie road up instantly and bared her bald snatch. When Anna first read this pose, she wanted to take off running back to the lingerie shop and get changed. However, as she kept reading, this actually wasn't so bad. "Inch towards the camera. Keep as much of your upper body visible while ensuring none of your lower body is visible." Anna spun on the heels and balls of her feet, moving very slightly in the small space. Three spins later, she was posed. Looking at the image, you'd never know she was flashing her mound. "Place your hands on your head and ruffle your hair a bit. Stop when your hair looks nice and your face is unobstructed." This was easy enough, all Anna had to do was put her hands on the back of her head and interlock her fingers, pulling a bit of her hair with her.

In the monitor, all Anna could see was herself relaxed in an alluring nightie. The worst of this photo would be the nightie and the emphasis her braless tits got in it, especially now that they were raised a bit with her arms up. She loved it. She could see herself posing just like this again when she found someone she thought was worth it. Even though her face wasn't in the pose yet, she was already getting a little wet just looking at herself.

"Blow a kiss at the camera and take the photo. Here's a tip: keep your eyes closed until the camera is about to snap. It helps to create a more natural look. The booth's 15 second window is documented with a visible timer and an audible ticking. Count with the ticks to help." Anna took the tip to heart. She positioned her hand over the button before closing her eyes. With a deep breath, she pushed the button and the timer counted down. Her right hand returned to it's position as she counted along with the booth. With five seconds left, Anna opens her eyes and blows a kiss, holding her face after she blows. A sound like a shutter snapping went off. A moment later, Anna relaxed her arms a bit, and the image remained unchanged. She confirmed the photo and heard it print. One photo down.

"Second," the note read. "Keeping your arms where they are, swing yourself around, placing your back to the camera and getting more of yourself in the camera's sight. Spread your legs a little bit more than shoulder width apart." Anna slowly spun around. All she had to read was the first sentence to know what was going to be the focus of this photo. The only reason she read the rest is to know exactly how she had to pose. It continued, "Move your arms to the front and back of your head. Adjust your hair as necessary as well; we still want it to look nice and not block your face." Anna dropped her hands and repositioned them, scooping her hair in her hands. When her hands were back on her head, her right hand had disappeared in her mane as she raised her left hand out of her face.

Anna looked herself over in the monitor. She liked what she saw herself doing. Looking over her shoulder bent her back a bit, and the nightie moved with it. The right side of her body was completely defined underneath the thin garment. Her pose required her legs to exert some effort, bringing out all the beautiful details in her legs. With her hands raised and the left side bending downwards, her left boob was even more exposed in this nightie. The good news was her nipple was still hidden by the nightie. The bad news is it was trying to drill through the fabric. And since it only bunched under her tits, there was no way to pass it off as a wrinkle in the fabric. Worst of all, however, was what her arms did to the nightie. With her arms raised, the nightie was raised, leaving her ass totally exposed. If her legs were spread anymore, the photo would capture her little brown hole. Anna took solace in the fact that her back door was hidden by her cheeks and her pussy was faced away from the camera.

"Lick your lips," the note finished, "look at the camera with desire, and take the photo." Anna reaches her left hand back and repeated the process. Her hand retakes it's position and she shuts her eyes, counting along with the ticking of the camera. With five seconds left, she licks her top lip and opens her eyes, making the most lustful eyes she can muster. The sound of a shutter snapping goes off.
"Third," the note continues, "turn around and take the bottom of the nightie in your hands." After reading that, Anna thought she could picture herself already. However, Anna was proven wrong. "Bring your arms together a bit, to make an extremely slight V with your arms." As Anna positioned her arms, the straps slid off her shoulders. Suddenly, the nightie being so short paid off a bit. She was forced to bend her arms to hold the bottom of it. The nightie was held up by her forearms, keeping her covered. For now. "Yank the dress down slightly, keeping it draped over your nether regions, but exposing your breasts completely." With a yank, the nightie falls, dangling off her forearms. Her lower body was left completely covered by the nightie, while her stomach and boobs were pointed directly at the camera. "Turn your head back a bit and direct your gaze downward, towards your breasts. Before the photo snaps, go wide eyed and whatever else you think do when you're taken by surprise." Anna groaned a bit while positioning her head. As much as she hated this pose, she still took the photo and had an "embarrassing accident" captured.

Anna loved the way this next description started. "Finally," it said, "pull your nightie back up." Requests she could get behind for a change. The downside is it stopped there. "Grab the straps in your hands and pull the straps up above your shoulders. Ensure your arms don't obstruct your body." Anna raised the nightie as instructed; she looked like she was calling someone a chicken. Worse yet, her pussy was on display and on the monitor. This time, it wasn't leaving its sight.

"Look straight down, leaving a recognizable amount of your face visible." Anna adjusted her head and sighed. Anna hated the turn these last two photos had her take. The first two were bad enough, and she actually enjoyed those two a bit. The first two photos were simply alluring and even turned her on a bit. The second one was something she was in no hurry to redo or flaunt, but it was something she could at least consider showing off. The second half, however, were humiliating and made her look like a klutz. This penalty captured the most intimate parts of her flesh and stole from her whatever shred of dignity she had left. Regardless, she made a shocked face and captured the final moment of this ordeal.

Anna stacked the photos, being sure to leave the first photo on top. With her documented humiliation hidden, she continued reading the note, to learn the rest of the price she has to pay.

"For the second part of this penalty, and to compensate for the freedom we took for these photos, you are being offered a choice. As you probably noticed, only half of the coins Diana gave you were used for these four photos. Your first option is to take another four photos. This time, however, you will lose the partial covering and take nude photos. Sitting directly beneath the booth is another envelope, containing the poses we want for the nude photos. Be warned, breaking the seal on this envelope forfeits your ability to change your mind.

"However, if you dislike the sound of a nude shoot, then there is another option. Diane of the lingerie shop has a small job waiting for you. Perform it as she requests, in keeping with the spirit of the game. And if you want to avoid making it a double penalty, I suggest taking the easy road and walk back through the center of the mall. Remember: walk, not run. Running is just another way to make this harder. In order to confirm this is what you want, you will need to give Diana the remaining change and the envelope.
‚Äč"Regardless of what you choose, when you are done here, return to Diana and give her your photos. This will begin either the next part of your penalty or your third challenge."


What does Anna choose?

          The Pictures

          The small job


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