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"A Quiet Little Town.." | spentbob | 2


As you approach the shop door, it opens and a young woman steps out. She's deeply tanned and has a shock of spikey hair dyed a bright and unnatural shade of red. She's wearing a white vest top, which show an amazing amount of soft, jiggling cleavage, and one one of her beautiful breasts, a small tattoo of a cross peeps out from beneath her top.
She's carrying a heavy bag of shopping clutched to her chest. and you almost bump into her as she emerges from the door, and you take a step back. She stands there looking at you curiously with dark, laughing eyes, one eyebrow raised and a playful smile dancing across her full lips.


What do you do?

          Offer to help her carry her bags

          Let her pass and go into the shop


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