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"A Quiet Little Town.." | spentbob | 7


Leaving you flustered and protesting on the bed she hops up and walks out of the room, giggling.
You watch her full plump ass wriggle against the seat of her jeans as she walks away, and she pauses at the door and looks over her shoulder at you.

"Don't worry... we'll have lots of fun later."

The door swings shut behind her, and you lay there naked on her bed, head spinning and cock throbbing. Well, you're certainly finding out what kind of a town this is. And this sounds like it's going to be a hell of a game these sexy girls have roped you into... though a little worrying, particularly that mention of "punishments". Are you strong enough to be able to satisfy three 18 year old girls? Maybe you should try not to push things...

It doesn't look like you have any choice but to play their game, though.


What now?

          You try the first room...and get company.

          Try the second room


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