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"A Quiet Little Town.." | spentbob | 3


The two girls laugh happily, both in high spirits, as you sit next to them at the table. The short, plump and pale, with masses of curly hair and a cute cheeky little face introduces herself as Rachel.

The other girl, taller, slimmer and Indian, with long, shining black hair and would be strikingly attractive if it wasn't for her overlarge nose, tells you her name is Dharma. Both are dressed in studenty clothing, battered jeans and t-shirts, and they both seem a little drunk.

They tell you that they are students at the tiny college near the town, and they live with another girl in a rented house here, and then ask you what you're doing in town. As they chat and flirt, Dharma slowly rubs your thigh under the table, and Rachel rubs her foot up and down your leg.

You cautiously explain to them that you're a journalist, and had were investigating some men going missing near the town. The girls laugh and share a glance at hearing that, and then Rachel leans close to you and says that if you come back with them to their house, maybe they could let you know a little about what goes on in the village, though there's really not much it's a "quiet little town" she says.

Dharma, leaning against you, her firm breasts rubbing against your arm whispers "We'll show you what people around here do in their spare time."


Go back with them?

          Hell yes!


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