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"A Quiet Little Town.." | spentbob | 1


You are Bob, a freelance journalist, scraping a living writing terrible pieces for the worst magazines. But recently, you've got wind of a story that might just make your name.

Tony, an acquaintance of yours returned from a holiday backpacking around the English countryside, and came back with a story about an amazing little village he happened across. He tells you that the population there is 95% female, and they are all, in his words "constantly up for it" - a village full of horny, sexually aggressive women.

He says he spent a fortnight there, getting screwed half to death by just about every woman he met, being passed around like a toy, and even grabbed on the streets and dragged into houses by them on occasion. He says he ended up completely exhausted, but they'd still give him no rest, and he finally managed to escape by slipping out of the house of the girls who were then screwing him - two nerdy sisters, one of whom was a librarian - and staggering out across the moors till he happened across a road and managed to hitch a lift.

You'd have dismissed his wild tales of this place, but after looking a little further into it, you find reports of young men having gone missing in that area on a fairly regular basis going as far back as the records do. If you could visit this town and write a report on it, maybe find out what happened to some of the missing men, it'd be front page news for at least the more salacious tabloids.

You contact your friend again, and he tells you where to find the village - a quaint, sleepy looking place called Spurting Spent - and tells you to keep away - he says he barely survived it.

"Not that you'll listen to me," he laughs, "I mean, I'm going back there myself. Gonna leave tomorrow."

That was two weeks ago. You haven't heard from him since.

This morning you're driving your car along the pretty hedgerow lined roads of the British country side, and your car is just approaching Spurting Spent.

Be careful in there....

You park your car beneath a row of trees opposite a cute little corner shop and look around. The sun is beating down, and the village looks quiet and picturesque, a postcard image of an English village - all half timbered houses and hedges, a quaint pub and a pretty little church. Nearby, a pretty brunette waters the plants in her back yard.
Well, you might as well start your investigations

Your friends story of the librarian is your major lead, you suppose, but you have no idea where the library is. You have a notebook full of notes about his other stories of this place, but you'd need to find somewhere quiet to go through them.

Otherwise you could just wander around, and see what you find...


What do you do first?

          Approach the pub

          Approach the shop

          Try to interview some of the locals

          Go to the village green

          Find somewhere to stay


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