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A Hot Day For Friends: | ponyboy | 3


You both decide to get your home work out the way.
Elie turned her computer on and as it came on you could see her background picture was of a naked girl fucking her pussy with a huge dildo.
She appeared around the same age as you and Elie. The dildo was not overly thick but it was very long with a head on the end that was not in her pussy. You guessed it most likely had two heads.
The girl had both of her hands wrapped around the shaft and it looked like she had just rammed it hard in to her cunt.
Elie smiled at you and said "Sorry you were not supose to see that. My mum has a toy just like that."
You quickly make a mental note to get Elie to show it to you as soon as posible. But you don't say anything about for now "Where would you get something tlike that from"
Elie pushed a few buttons and a few moments later you could see a page full of sex toys for sale.
"With the right toys you would never need a guy." said Elie " See these strap on's I could be a pretend boy and fuck you with it. How would you like it could be as big or as small as want. With a guy you have to settle for what he has in his pants.
I did not know how to tell Elie the sight of the toys was turning me on.


What now?


LOCKED (Awaiting Approval)


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