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"S.L.U.T." Game | Edogawakun | 3


T​he Exhibition & Voyeur Game

The want to see a body, be it merely nude or in the midst of sexual activity, has been recorded even in the Bible. With technology's advancements through time, this practice has gained more attention and has even resulted in movies and websites devoted just to this topic. However, social standards have made the odds of seeing such a thing rather poor. In order to rectify this problem and make the game more interesting, we will also be bringing in the opposite fetish: exhibitionism. In this game, both players will bring out their want to see and their want to show.

At one point in every day, both players shall head outside or into a public place and will bring themselves to an orgasm, be it on their own or with the aid of another. Naturally, shedding your clothing is mandatory. Within your collar is a GPS and a special sensor that will pick up on an orgasm. Players who do not have at least one orgasm within the day in a public setting will be penalized 10 points. Since there are legal aspects to consider, choose your location wisely and work yourself quickly. However, for the sake of the judging, each player is not allowed to use the same location more than once.

Now for the scoring aspect: the Voyeur part. Within the box is a camera and several memory cards. Use it to capture these moments in time. If you can't find your opponent while they're outside, there's no need to worry. Any photos of your opponent's body and/or masturbation sessions qualify for points. Since both players are competing of their own free will, these photos do not constitute a crime. Each photo of your opponent will earn you one point. However, we will only accept one photo per session. Any others will be considered extras and will not earn you points. Also, despite society's standards, the possibility of finding such an act outside the realm of this game does exist. Should you manage to capture one of these, you will earn five points. However, since these acts are outside the realm of the game, the law once again rears its head in this area and caution must be exercised. Photoshop and other such programs cannot be used to aid a player through this game. Any attempt to cheat with one of these programs will result in a penalty of 20 points per photo.

This game will last 30 days, at the end of which, we will seize all photos and calculate the score. The player with the highest score at the end of the game will win. Our winner will be awarded possession of either of the two photo entires in this game. In other words, the winner can take the photos of themselves or the photos of their opponent. Whichever photos the winner does not take for him/herself will remain in our possession. The loser will have their fate left up to their opponent. The loser's penalty will be paid to either the winner or the official judging this game, whichever one is holding the photos of the loser. The nature of the penalty depends on what the person in question feels will earn the loser possession of their photos. In brief, the loser will become the photo owner's slave for however long the owner desires.

, we wish you the best of luck and hope you have fun.

You drop the card several times as you read through the text. Your heart races, pumping terror through your body at an alarming rate. Your hands shake and knees knock as you realize what your future now holds. You feel faint at the mere thought of stripping in public, you don't know how you're going to manage getting yourself off. Adding to it the fact that someone is going to be looking to see you in such a position is enough to take your feet out from under you. "How did I get myself into this?" you mumble, trying to make sense of this whole situation.

The spray of water pierces through your thoughts, reminding you of your running shower. You pick yourself up and shuffle into your bathroom, oblivious to the fact that you left your robe on the floor. You spend the rest of your shower just thinking of what the game holds for in store for you. The thoughts of someone trying to spy you in the buff, find you masturbating, and capturing these moments on film are enough to leave you immobile under the spray of hot water. If not for the knowledge that this was real, you'd think this was one hot fantasy.

However, since you know it's real, you start thinking about it realistically.


Should you plan ahead? How? Or wait for your opponent to be decided?


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