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Kim Possible's last mission | vic_elor | 25


Kim’s brain in a frozen fog, she didn’t recognize the young woman the robot guards had just tossed into her little cell. As they closed the door behind them, the robot guards closed the light slit very slowly as ordered so as to give Kim time to view her new roommate.

She was a perky young redhead, pretty much the same age as herself with numerous similar features. For a moment as Ann sat silently on the floor still recovering from the rough heave that had landed her in the cell Kim believed that perhaps Ron had actually tried to clone her. Apparently it had gone wrong as this new Kim was hardly an identical copy and based on her being tossed into the cell Kim deduced that Ron had fared no better with her clone then he had with the original.

“So, since I’m the original Kim I’m not letting you steal my name even if you are a clone. You can use our middle name I guess.” Kim suggested, not budging from under her comforter.

“I am Ann.” Ann replied, brushing the last of the stars away from her eyes.

“I know… I just gave you that name. Geez, Ron’s cloning must be really broken if my clone is this dumb.” Kim said, not sarcastically but more talking to herself.

“No Kimmy-cub, I am Ann. As in Ann Possible...” Ann replied with a pause, “Your mother.”


How does Kim respond?


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