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Marvel Super-Hookers | Shendude | 2


Peter Parker, ace photographer, didn't need an alarm clock. No, he had a much more pleasant, if time consuming, way to wake up. As he lay nude in bed with three beautiful women, a forth lovely lady, a buxom black woman with long, wild, raven-colored hair and glowing red eyes leaned over between his spread legs, taking his long, thick cock into her mouth. Fondling his ballsac, she suckled and slurped his member to hardness, eagerly sucking his maleness until her came into her mouth.

Peter grinned, looking down at the beautiful dark-skinned woman between his legs. "Good morning, Calypso," he said.

Calypso nodded to him, swallowing the load in her mouth. "It's morning. You said you all wanted to get up early today, remember? TO get everything you needed to get done today before your date with Rachel?"

"Indeed I did," he said, yawning and stretching, "Where's Queen and Shathra?"

Calypso gestured to the kitchen, saying, "Making breakfast. Pancakes and sausage patties all right? We need to grocery shopping."

Peter chuckled. "Considering I've got three lovely slaves and three lovely wives living here in addition to myself, I'm not surprised," he said. Calypso, being one of the 'slaves' due to a mystical accident binding her soul to Parker's, just rolled her eyes. (Peter didn't mind her occasional rudeness. It just made 'punishing' her more fun.) Peter stretched, and gently nudged the women sleeping around her.

The first to wake up was the blonde on his left. She blinked herself awake, and yawned, stretching and grinning as she kissed Peter, gently running a hand down his muscular body. "Morning," she said.

"Sleep well, Gwen?" Peter asked.

"After the fucking the three of us got last night? How could we not?" Gwen teased, yawning again and pulling herself upright. She gently shook the white-haired beauty sleeping behind her. "Felicia, c'mon, wake up."

"Don' wanna," she muttered, burying her face in the pillows.

The redhead on Peter's right just chuckled as she smacked her lips, waking up. "C'mon. If we have to wake up, then you do as well."

"Don' wanna, Mary-Jane," Felicia muttered, "Too tired..."

Gwen and Mary-Jane traded amused looks. "Poor girl," Gwen teased, "All worn out after the six gangbangs she was paid to participate in."

"Even Super-Hookers have their limits," Felicia muttered, looking up at her two fellow wives and smirking despite her annoyance, "Especially the ones without big flashy powers like yours." Felicia Hardy-Parker, the ex-sneak thief and Super-Hooker known as the Black Cat, wasn't officially one of Peter Parker's wives, as Gwen Stacy-Parker and Mary-Jane Watson-Paker were, as she didn't like official ceremonies, but she had taken Peter's name anyway, having been accepted by the two much more powerful Super-Hookers and by Peter himself, the only non-superhuman to ever catch her interest as more than just a potential client.

The three women picked themselves up out of bed, noticing Calypso standing there. "Heyhey, Calypso," Mary-Jane said, "What's being cooked for breakfast?"

"Pancakes and sausage patties," she said, "I'd prepare something more, but we need to go shopping."

Felicia snickered. "Ms.MILF-to-be over there ate all the food, huh?" she said, reaching over and poking MJ.

Mary-Jane smirked, a black tentacle forming out of where Felicia poked her, wrapping around the white-haired beauty's arm and groping her breast.

"Ladies, ladies, please," Peter said, "As much as I enjoy symbiote-related bedroom antics, we do have another lovely day ahead of us to prepare for."

Mary-Jane stretched. "That's true," she said, "We've got an appointment at Mojo's studio today. That fat weirdo wanted us to shoot a tentacle sex vid with Spiral."

Gwen shook her head. "Poor girl," she said, referring to Spiral, "She has to stay around that oversized freak all the time. If the royalty checks from his videos weren't so good and they weren't so much fun to make, nobody would even bother volunteering for them."

Felicia shrugged. "He lets her go out hooking, at least. I've seen her on streets I was working."

The interdimensional being known as Mojo had come to Earth wanting to capture super-powered beings for his violent TV shows. It had not gone well for him, as unlike on other worlds, the Super-Hooker community was completely united. They staged an invasion of the Mojoverse, freeing their captured comrades. Mojo, in a desperate bid to save his life, offered a compromise: instead of violent TV, he'd do porn, with the Super-Hookers as willing, heavily payed participants. Everyone had agreed, Mojo becoming an ally to the heroes ever since. Mojo had mainly said the idea to save his life at first, but once he saw the ratings for his shows and how well the vids sold, he had been blissfully happy with the arrangement.

The four of them got out of the immense, plush bed they slept in, Peter turning to Calypso and saying, "We'll be down in a little bit. Will breakfast be ready then?"

Calypso nodded, the former voodoo priestress fidgeting at the sight of Peter's nude, buff body, the spell that made her his sex slave making it so that anything even remotely related to Peter Parker got her aroused.

Mary-Jane said, "Think you can make some spagetti for us real quick?"

Calypso, Felicia, Gwen, and Peter just stared at her.

Mary-Jane giggled. "What? We're pregnant, we're allowed to eat weird combinations of stuff."

Calypso rolled her eyes and left for the kitchen. Felicia and Gwen traded amused looks while Peter went over and gently rubbed a hand on Mary-Jane's slightly swollen belly.

"It feels kinda weird, heh," Peter said, "I mean, we know that our daughters will grow up into a pair of decidedly sexy sluts..."

"You've fucked the two of them enough times, so you'd know," Gwen teased, causing the other girls to laugh.

Peter grinned at that, and continued, "...but to actually raise them now..."

Felicia smiled. She and Gwen were both a little jealous that Mary-Jane got pregnant first, but they couldn't begrudge her that. Peter Parker and Mary-Jane's teenage daughters, May and April, had come from the future to ensure that they would be born, a villain from their time period having preceded them and attempted to kill Peter. He quickly learned how bad an idea that was, as Mary-Jane was also the symbiotic Super-Hooker Venom. The two girls explained where they had come from, and what they needed to do. Mary-Jane had gone on a strict Peter-only diet of sex until she had been confirmed pregnant with twins, May and April becoming much more relaxed after that.

Mary-Jane poked him playfully. "It's only been three months since I was knocked up, we still have time before we have to worry about the parenting stuff. Meantime, we need to get out and about more. It was an interesting experience being exclusively with you these past few months, but honestly, we feel like we've been on a ritual fast. We love you to death, Peter, but we need some variety in the sack, you know?"

Peter grinned. "I understand completely. Just know that the three of you are my favorites."

Felicia, Gwen, and Mary-Jane blushed brightly, reminded again of why they stuck with him for so long.

They all entered the bathroom of their lavish penthouse apartment, payed for by the clients of the three Super-Hookers as well as Peter's lucrative photography career. The show had been specially designed to hold multiple people at once, and they took advantage of that.

"Speaking of the girls," Gwen said as she turned on the hot water, letting it pour down over her luxurious frame, "Isn't it Graduation Day at the X-Brothel?" After arriving in this time period, the two girls, admitting that they had broken off their education at the X-Brothel in their time to save their parents, agreed to finish their education in this time period. (Confirming once again the multiversal constant of everyone who wasn't Reed Richards or Doctor Doom being confused by and utterly hating time travel.) Emma had taken good care of the Parker twins in the year they were enrolled there, amused to learn that her school was still active even in the future.

Peter nodded. "That's right! We should call them, see how they did. If they do graduate, maybe we can take them out for dinner and some fun."

"A family orgy sounds fun. But, ah, remember?" Mary-Jane said, turning on the other two showerheads, "You have a date with Julia's girl this evening."

Peter blushed. "Sorry, it's just..."

Gwen hmmed curiously as she began to wash her hair. "Just what?"

Peter sighed. "I'm not used to being with a girl who's not a Super-Hooker. It feels... weird."

Gwen blinked, and chuckled. "Interesting way of putting it."

Felicia grinned. "Just remember, handsome. Just because she CAN wait doesn't mean she WANTS to. I suspect you're gonna have to ram that ramrod into that cute little cunt of hers sooner or later," she said, pressing up her impressive bosom up against his chest.

Peter grinned, reaching an arm around to grab her round, firm butt. "True, true... But speaking of girls who can't wait," he said, keeping Felicia close and letting her feel his immense maleness growing hard again.

Felicia was purring. "Oooh, does the stud want me to scrub his back?"

Peter smirked. "Among other parts..."

Gwen watched in amusment as Felicia and Peter began to make out, running a soap puff over her smooth, beautiful skin. As she did, though, black tendrils wrapped around her, pulling her towards Mary-Jane. She gasped as the tentancles began to probe her sex, Mary-Jane's hands fondling Gwen's ample tits.

Mary-Jane grinned, the symbiote flowing around her as she began to make out with her fellow wife. "You didn't think that we'd let you go without having some fun yourself, did you webhead?"

Gwen just moaned in pleasure, leaning into Mary-Jane as the symbiote's tendrils swarmed around her. She ALMOST regretted giving up the symbiote after the Secret Wars, but she was just as glad it ended up with Mary-Jane...

(originally posted on the Superstories Addventure by Fanfic Fetishist)


What happens next?

          Notes On The Parker Family

          Meanwhile, downstairs

          The Parkers have an orgy in the shower


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