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3-way BDSM | cvan91 | 6


Ron grabs Megan by her hair and shoves his cock into her mouth.
“Clean it bitch.” Ron ordered. Megan sucks and licks every drop of cum off his cock, Mariana sucks his balls. The stimulation causes Ron to be fully erect.
“I think we’re done with her tonight baby. I want that monster you got to fuck the shit out of me.” Ron pulls Megan off of him and Mariana takes off her strap-on, leaving the dildo shoved deep in Megan’s pussy. They walk out of the room and leave Megan tied up on the bed, crying. Mariana comes back in shortly after with the ball gag, a two inch steel chain, Megan’s underwear, and the electric butt plug remote. Mariana attaches the steel chain to Megan’s ankle cuffs and shoves the underwear and ball gag into Megan’s mouth. Mariana then puts the electric butt plug back into Megan’s ass. Megan could barely feel it in her gaping asshole. “You were a bad slave. You came twice without even asking for permission. You need to be punished.” Mariana turns the dial on the remote to 10 and turns on the butt plug. A powerful jolt is sent through Megan as she gives a muffled scream through her gag. “For the duration of your training, you won’t be able to sleep but once every three days.” Mariana leaves the room.


What happens next?


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