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3-way BDSM | cvan91 | 5


pulls out a strap-on, and puts it on. Ron throws Megan onto the bed, stomach down. He removes the butt plug and forces his cock deep inside of her ass. Megan cries out in pain through the spider-gag as her ass is violated by Ron’s enormous member, stretching her ass to its limits. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to fuck your ass. It’s just as tight as your pussy was when I took your virginity.” Mariana sits down at the head of the bed. Megan can see that the dildo is placed perfectly to allow Mariana’s pussy to be fully exposed. Mariana removes the spider-gag and slaps Megan.
“You will be quiet or I will use fire on you first thing tomorrow.” Megan whimpers through the pain. Ron repositions himself so that he hits her G-spot through her ass with every stroke. Megan cries out as Ron gives her a mini orgasm. “Now you said earlier that you’ve been a pussy eating slut since you were 14, I want to see how well you can do that.” Mariana pulls the dildo towards her with one hand and uses the other to force Megan’s face into her cunt. Megan immediately begins playing with Mariana’s stiff clit. “Oh my God baby, she eats pussy just like you. Did you teach her?”
“Actually, she taught me everything that she learned from practicing on herself.” Mariana’s eyes roll back into her head.
“OH SHIT, OH FUCK, OHHHH GOOODDD!!!” Mariana screams and explodes into Megan’s mouth. Megan greedily drinks and swallows Mariana’s juices in two gulps. Mariana pulls Megan out of her cunt by her hair; Megan’s lips and chin are wet from Mariana. “Baby, flip her over for me, I want to fuck her pussy.” Ron reaches his right arm under and across Megan’s tits and hooks two fingers from his left hand into her pussy. He flips onto his back, holding Megan, while keeping his cock in her tight little ass. Mariana moves on top of Megan and shoves her dildo into Megan’s cunt and fucks her. Unused to being fucked in both holes, Megan screams in pain. Mariana slaps Megan four times, yelling at Megan to shut up. Megan begins crying, causing her mascara to run. Megan gasps as a powerful orgasm rips through her. “Alright, let’s flip her again.” With their cocks still in Megan’s ass and pussy, Ron and Mariana grab hold of each other and in one motion, flip all three of them, Ron on top, in Megan’s ass, Megan in the middle, and Mariana on bottom, in Megan’s pussy. They begin to alternate their strokes; Ron would push in as Mariana would pull out, and vice versa, while keeping their heads inside of her. Megan only cries as the raping continues. Ron has another bubbling sensation and shoots his seed deep into her ass, his cum dribbles out between his cock and her sphincter. Ron pulls out of her ass; Megan relieved at this, his cock covered in cum, and kneels next to both of the girl’s heads.


Who sucks his cock?



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