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Doctor's Visit | Edogawakun | 16


"Didn't you say something about swimming at the beach?" you ask Julie. On normal days, you'd try to keep your mind off the fantasy dancing around your head. However, today has been anything but normal and you instead embrace the images of Julie dripping wet in a thong bikini. Besides, it'd be rather silly to hide a boner from a woman whose pussy you filled with man meat and cum. Although, it is rather silly you've gotten to fuck a woman's face and snatch and not seen her naked yet. 'That settles it,' you think to yourself. 'We're going to the beach.' Before you even give her a chance to reply, you take a sharp turn and make your way to the beach.

You've been expecting Julie to say something to either your question or your sudden change of direction, but there's been nothing. At the next stop sign, you glance over and see her transfixed on bulging pants. The glaze over her eyes are a clear sign that she's still horny and probably fantasizing about you as well. You clear your throat to get the nymph's attention off your lap and repeat, "Beach?"

"No. No, no, no," she replies. "We can't do that anymore. I have no suit or panties on me, and thanks to the cop we don't have enough time to swing by my dorm room or a mall. How about this Saturday instead?"

You're certainly not going to let disappointment ruin this perfect day in the making. You recall a nude beach somewhere in town and ask Julie if she's interested and might know the way. Again you get no answer. This time when you gaze at Julie, you notice a slight smile across her face while her eyes stare off into the road. You only notice it briefly, however. Your gaze quickly shoots down to her chest and the two bumps in her shirt. "Not wearing a bra, either?" This snaps her back to reality with a full smile and nod. "Good," you continue. "The nude beach seems all that much better an idea."

"U-Uh," Julie stammers out, "maybe not. I like having more control over who sees my body. I may be a lot of fun right now, but that's only because my clothes haven't been totally removed." This revelation astounds you a bit, your arched eyebrows a testament to that. However, as you think about, it seems logical; even the biggest flirts lose their minds and their control over the situation when they lose their clothes. Even you, despite the events of today, can understand her feelings on this matter. She concludes, "I think I may not be as much fun if I hit a nude beach."

"Wouldn't this be a good time to get used to the situation? You need to tackle this sort of thing head on, not skate around it. And it's not like you'll be alone in this. I've never been to a nude beach myself. We'll learn together."

"And besides my own problems, time is still the bigger problem. The nude beach would take longer than a suit pick up. , I think we should just go back and save this for another day."

"We'll get more time if you call up Dr. Bensen and tell her you need to examine that...sister, was it? Then, once we have time, we can decide how to play this. Sound like a plan?"

Julie arches her eyebrows and pulls her cell phone out of her purse grinning. Before she can go through her contacts, she says, "Pull over and kill the engine. Bensen has pretty good ears." You follow her orders and wait on Julie.

You drown out the girl talk and start thinking about where to go next. On the one hand, the idea of making a pit stop by her dorm room yields very stimulating ideas for a little break from driving, and the possibility of a roommate easily causes a twitching in your loins. But that same roommate idea makes the logical part of your brain say, "Cock block dumb ass," although logic seems to be missing from the events around you today. On the other, a tease like Julie in a mall full of people seems like the combination the gods had in mind when making her such tease of a nymphomaniac. However, all good luck runs out eventually, and having it run out in the mall would be terrible and probably screw both of you in the long run. A nude beach makes you a little uncomfortable, but there's no risk involved in this one, as long as you can get Julie to go along with it. The only problem you can think of is what it might do to Julie and the fun you could have.


Which option do you pursue?


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