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3-way BDSM | cvan91 | 3


“Get on your hands and knees slut. You’re going to crawl down the hall to the first room on the right.” Megan does as Mariana commands and begins crawling as she gets kicked in her ass. They make their way to the room and Mariana opens the door and leads Megan inside. Megan is stunned as she looks around the room to see paddles, canes, crops, floggers, ropes, chains, gags, collars, and cuffs. On one wall was a rope going from the ceiling to two bars on the floor. Ron closes the door as Mariana hands him the leash and heads to the opposite wall, she picks four cuffs off the wall. Megan notices that there are stocks in the middle of the room. Megan gets up off the floor and tries to run. As she stands up, Ron grabs her arms, pinning them to her sides. Mariana comes back to them with the cuffs she picked out. Ron lowers his mouth to Megan’s ear.
“You’re too deep in this now to run away. You wanted to have some fun, so we’ll show you how we have fun.” As Ron keeps a tight hold on Megan, Mariana places the cuffs on Megan’s wrists; Mariana lifts up each leg individually and places the ankle cuffs. Mariana slaps Megan, and then backhands her. Ron turns her to face him. “Get on the ground.” Ron throws her to the ground, next to the two bars. They jump on top of Megan and pin her down as they attach her cuffs to the bars. Ron gets up and moves to a crank on the wall. Mariana goes to pick out a few more objects on the wall. As he turns the crank it pulls the rope attached to the bar at Megan’s feet and suspends her upside-down in the air. Ron then picks up another rope on the ground beneath Megan and attaches it to the bar at her hands. Mariana comes back with an armful of objects and sets them down on the desk next to the suspension. Mariana opens a desk drawer and pulls out two objects, a pair of scissors and a ball gag. Mariana uses the scissors to cut off Megan’s bra and panties. Then she takes the cut up underwear and shoves them in Megan’s mouth and fastens the ball gag on tightly. Ron and Mariana each grab a paddle. He puts his hand on Megan’s ass and spins her. Once she stops spinning, she’s facing Ron, as he raises his paddle to strike her.
“Wait baby,” Mariana said. “I want to try our new toy on her.” Mariana goes back to the desk and opens up the bottom drawer. She pulls out a metal butt plug, along with a remote control. Mariana meets resistance as she tries to shove the plug in Megan’s ass. “Look baby, she’s still an anal virgin.”
“Well we’ll have to change that in the next couple of months if we’re going to sell her.” Megan has a scared look on her face. Ron squats down to look her in the eye. “That’s right; we’re able to train and sell two, maybe three women a year. We get some good money for it to. Mariana knew you were coming the entire time. What you saw out there was just a show to get you in here.” Mariana forces the plug into Megan’s ass and Megan yells through her gag, but only a muffled sound can come out. Ron slaps Megan across the face and stands back up.
“I’m going to set the shock timer for thirty seconds. But guess what you filthy little whore, I won’t tell you when I turn it on. Oh, and it self-generates, so we can have hours on end of countless fun.” Mariana sets down the remote and they both raise their paddles. Mariana strikes Megan on her back and ass, while Ron strikes her on her tits and pussy. She can only let out muffled yells as they beat her senseless. Once bruises start to form on her and plenty of blood runs to her head, they bring her down and unhook her from the bars, only to be thrown into the stocks. At this point Ron and Mariana take off their underwear. Ron’s boxers fall to the floor and his cock springs up to slap Megan’s pussy. He teases Megan by rubbing his cock along her slit, bumping his head against her clit. Mariana’s bare pussy is right in front of Megan’s face, she can smell the intoxicating scent wafting to her nose. Mariana removes Megan’s gag and underwear. “Can you smell my pussy?”
“Yes mistress” Megan said.
“Do you want to touch my pussy?”
“Yes mistress” Mariana squats down and presses her tits together.
“Or maybe you would rather have my voluptuous tits in your face.”
“Please mistress”
“First you have to beg my man to fuck you.”
“Please sir, please fuck me.”
“I don’t know babe.” Ron said. “It doesn’t sound like she really wants it.”
“Please sir,” Megan begged, “Please cunt fuck me, I’m a dirty little whore that needs cock 24/7. Please, please, please, please, please, I haven’t been properly fucked by a man in eight years. Please, please, please, please, please shove your cock deep into my cunt.” Ron shoves his entire shaft balls deep into her pussy. A look of relief comes across Megan’s face. She had missed this, for so long her pussy craved to be pounded. Mariana stands up.
“How does she feel baby?” Mariana asked.
“Eight years of no cock has made her tighten up.” Ron said. Mariana looks down at Megan and slowly gyrates her pussy in front of Megan’s face.
“Do you want this pussy slave?” Mariana asked.
“Yes mistress, please let me lick your pussy.” Mariana inches her pussy a little closer to Megan’s face. Megan attempts to get a small lick and sticks her tongue out slowly. Mariana turns around and shoves Megan’s face into her ass.
“No, you get to lick my asshole instead.” Megan is disgusted where her face has been placed. “Either lick my asshole or Ron pulls out.” Ron pulls back until only his head is in and waits there for a few seconds. Megan begins licking Mariana’s puckered little hole. Mariana gasps at the amazing tongue fuck Megan is giving her ass. This signals Ron to start fucking again, pounding away at Megan’s pussy once more. Megan moans into Mariana’s ass as Ron forces her pussy to fill with juices. Mariana pulls Megan out of her ass. “You had better beg before you can cum, or we will beat you senseless.” Megan does her best to hold back her orgasm.
“Please…let…me…cum…mistress.” Megan stammers through the ecstasy pumping into her brain. Mariana lowers herself to Megan and whispers in her ear ‘You may cum slave.’ At this, Megan explodes in orgasm and gushes all over her master’s cock.
“We own you now slave, got it.” Mariana said.
“Yes mistress,” Megan said.
“What is your name?” Mariana asked.
“Slave, mistress,”
“And who owns you?”
“You own me mistress.”
“Good girl,” Mariana kisses Megan with plenty of tongue. Mariana pulls away and puts Megan’s face back into her ass. Megan attempts to sneak a lick of Mariana’s pussy. Mariana turns around and slaps Megan. “No, bad slave, you don’t get to lick my pussy unless I give you permission. Pull out baby, she needs some more discipline.” Mariana forces the ball gag back into Megan’s mouth. Ron pulls out of Megan with a pop. They both grab a cane, which Mariana placed on the desk. Mariana begins to use the cane on Megan’s ass and Ron uses his on Megan’s back. She screams through her gag with every lash.
“Hey babe,” Ron said, “I just remembered that she never did like giving head. If we’re going to sell her, she needs to get rid of that gag reflex.” Ron picks a spider-gag off the wall. He removes the ball gag from Megan’s mouth, but she keeps it shut as he attempts to place the spider-gag. “She won’t take the gag.” Mariana begins to cane Megan on her shoulder blades, making her yelp in pain, giving Ron the chance to place the spider-gag. Once in place, the spider-gag’s four hooks grab Megan by her molars and force her mouth to remain open. Ron forces half of his cock into Megan’s mouth and makes her gag with every stroke that hits the back of her throat. Mariana stops caning Megan and moves over to Ron, she wraps her left arm around his right arm and gently grabs his balls.
“Are you ready baby?” Mariana asked.
“I’m almost there.” Ron said.
“You hear that slave? My man is going to cum in your mouth, and you had better not spill a single drop or I’ll use you as my personal toilet for the next week.” Mariana said. Ron can feel the bubbling sensation in his scrotum. Mariana senses this and squeezes his balls before he cums and sends an intense orgasm through his body.
“OH GOOD GOD!” Ron shouts as he unloads into Megan’s mouth. Megan tilts her head upward after Ron pulls out to keep his seed from spilling onto the floor and swallows every last bit. She gags on the seed as it goes down her throat. Mariana lets go of his balls and unlocks the stocks. Megan is freed, only to have her wrist cuffs linked by only 2 inches of steel chain behind her back. Megan is taken out of the room.


Where is Megan taken next?

          To a bedroom

          A strap-on


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