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3-way BDSM | cvan91 | 2


“Well get in here, better late than never.” Ron opens the door and lets in the woman. She is a mildly attractive woman, with light brown skin, short black hair that reaches down to her shoulders, 5’3”, B cup tits, and just enough ass to grab a hold of. She is wearing a white, sleeveless shirt, a knee length brown skirt, and white sneakers. Ron guides her to the middle seat of the couch, in between him and Mariana.
“Baby” Mariana said, “Who is this and why is she here?”
“Mariana, this is Megan.” Megan shakes hands with Mariana. “We went to high school together.”
“Ok, so why are you here?” Mariana asked.
“I moved back here from San Antonio last week, because my job demanded it, and I’ve been living in my car while I search for an apartment.”
“Alright, but why are you here with us?” Mariana asked.
“After we graduated, we lost touch with each other. We went to two different colleges across the state. I started dating my roommate until she broke up with me six months ago. It’s been awhile since I’ve been with anyone and I figured since I’m moving back here that I should find someone who knows what I like.”
“Babe” Ron said, “I know this seems a bit strange, but I brought Megan here so that we can have a threesome.” Mariana opens her mouth to speak. “Before you say anything, take a good look at her, does she look like she is a possible threat to you.”
“You bring a woman, whom you used to fuck back in high school, hoping I’ll agree to a three-way in the bed we share.”
“When she told me that she was bi, I knew that she could be someone we could both play with.” Ron said.
“I know how to eat pussy very well. I started practicing on myself shortly after Ron and I lost our virginities to each other in 9th grade. I’m sure that I can make you cum multiple times.” Megan said. Mariana bites her lower lip, thinking about the idea of sharing her man with another woman.
“Babe, how about you switch with Megan here and we have a threesome in our ‘special room’.” A smile comes across Mariana’s face.
“She can be the bottom?” Mariana asked eagerly.
“She can be the bottom.” Ron said with a smile on his face. Megan is looking back and forth between the two of them with a very confused look on her face.
“What’s the ‘special room’?” Megan asked. Ron gives her a small kiss on the lips to quiet her.
“You’ll find out soon enough.” Ron said. “But we have a rule here, unless company is coming over, we must be in our underwear at all times, got it.” Megan quickly kicks off her shoes and socks while removing her shirt and skirt. Her clothes lay on the living room floor and she is left wearing a blue lace bra and panties.
“Look baby,” Mariana said, “Her nipples are sticking out and she’s extremely wet.” Mariana places her hand on Megan’s left leg. Megan begins to blush.
“Babe, you’re embarrassing her.” Ron alternates between groping Megan’s right tit and playing with her nipple.
“What’s turning you on more right now, my huge tits, or your memories of my man’s enormous 11 inch cock?” As Megan opens her mouth to speak, Mariana locks her mouth onto Megan’s and shoves her tongue into the back of Megan’s mouth. Megan just closes her eyes, enjoying the moment, her ex fondling and groping her tits while his girlfriend kisses her. Megan moves her hands up to grab Mariana’s tits. Mariana breaks the kiss and slaps Megan across the face. Mariana grabs Megan by the mouth. “Look you filthy slut, you don’t get to touch me whenever you want. To touch me, or my man, you have to earn that, got it.”
“Yes” Megan said.
“That’s yes mistress. If you’re going to fuck with us, you will call me mistress,” Mariana turns Megan to face Ron. “And you will call him sir.” Mariana lets go of Megan and reaches over the side of the couch to grab something. Ron kisses Megan and moves his hand to her pussy. He plays with her clit with one finger and uses another to run it up and down her slit. She moans in ecstasy as her juices build inside of her pussy. Just as Megan is about to explode, Ron removes his fingers from her pussy.
“Please don’t stop, I’m so close.” Megan is pulled away from Ron as Mariana fastens a collar and leash to Megan’s neck.
“You don’t get to cum slut. Not yet anyway, and only if you beg for it, got it.” Mariana said.
“Yes” Megan gets slapped again by Mariana.
“That’s yes mistress,” Mariana slaps Megan again. “Get on the ground slut.” Mariana throws Megan onto her stomach on the ground. Mariana gets up from the couch and places her foot on the back of Megan’s head and grinds her face into the carpet. “Baby, I think she needs some discipline.”
“Then we should teach her a lesson. Let’s take her to the ‘special room’.” Ron said. Mariana takes her foot off of Megan’s head.


What happens to Megan in the 'special room'?

          Beaten and fucked


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