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"I'm Not a Slut" | remfan55 | 7


"How much?" said John.

"$100," Heather answered, and Lexis's eyes grew wide when she realized she'd just been pimped out by her best friend. This had to be a prank or something. She was no hooker. But at this moment she didn't care. She just wanted to relieve the tension in her aching cunt. And when John started counting bills and handing them to Heather, Lexis got even more turned on, knowing she had just been sold. She tried to touch herself, only to realize again that she was cuffed to the bedpost.

John handed Heather the video tape. Heather put the cash in her purse, and pulled out several items, which she placed on the night table nearby. "Heather, what are you doing?" asked Lexis. "Unlock me, this is crazy!"

"Shhhh," Heather said gently as she ran her hands over the captive girl's stomach, then proceeded to pull out more items.

Eventually, Heather had pulled all of her toys out, then placed her purse on the floor. She picked up a thick metal circle with a hinge on it, which she opened, then closed around Lexis's neck. Then she sealed it with a padlock.

"What the hell are you doing, Heather?"

"Rule 1," said Heather, as though she hadn't even heard Lexis's question, "I am to be addressed as 'Miss Heather' or 'Goddess Heather.'"


"Rule 2, your body is mine. It will do as I say at all times. Rule 3, you will aid me in getting any man I want. In this case, I'm taking Ryan from you."

"Oh my God, Heather, what the hell is going on? This is a prank, right?"

"Rule 4, you will not have an orgasm without my permission, ever. This is a very important rule and I will be very strict about it. Which leads me to Rule 5, any disobedience will be punished thusly." She picked up a remote control from the night table and pressed a button. Lexis began to feel a severe pain in her upper body, generated from the shock collar. She shrieked before Heather turned it off. "That was setting 1. This machine has 50 settings."

"Heather, you -- AAAHHH!"

"What is Rule 1?"

"… Miss Heather?"

Lexis's tat tingled when she said that. She was nervous and horrified, but she was so excited. Maybe it was just because she was on the edge, but the idea of being used like this was so exciting and intense. She started writhing her legs, humping the air, much to the excitement of her audience.

"Very good. You learned the rules, but I think you're too unrestrained." She took leg restraints from the night table and attached Heather's legs to either end of the bed, leaving her legs spread.

"Now," said Heather, "what do you say?"

The poor submissive was confused, but she thought, and said, "Thank you for restraining me, Miss Heather?"

"Very, very good!"

Then Heather picked up a chain with two clips on the end, which she attached to Heather's nipples. "Now, don't worry, Lex. I know these are just hooked on, but we'll get your nipples pierced. Where was I? Right, Rule 6. Do not orgasm without my permission. I already said that one but I want to reiterate it."

"Yes, M-m-m-miss Heather."

"Rule 7, you are not my slave yet. You are my whore. You have to earn your right to be a slave. And if you become my slave, you will earn this." Heather picked up a leather studded collar with the word "SLAVE" on it and dangled it over Lexis's face.

"You want to earn this, don't you?"

"Yes. AAAAAAHHH, yes Miss Heather."

"Kiss it and show me how much you want it." Lexis reached her head forward as best she could -- her hands locked to the bed and her neck less flexible with the thickness of her shock collar -- and began to kiss the leather collar and swirl her tongue around it seductively, just as she had just done with John's cock.

"Good girl."

"Thank you, Miss Heather."

"Rule 8, no cumming without my permission. And, lastly, Rule 9, this engagement will end one of two ways. Please me, and you will be tattooed with the words 'Property of Miss Heather,' so you will never forget what you are. Displease me, and I'll send this tape to your parents, grandparents, friends, teachers, amateur porn sites, Facebook friends, bosses, everyone."

Lexis squirmed again. She was horrified at the idea of everybody seeing her like that, but something about it was incredibly arousing. Still, though, she would rather please Miss Heather than not.

"Do you understand all the rules?"

"Yes, Miss Heather."

"Good," Heather said, before she reached over and began to fondle one of Lexis's breasts. A low groan escaped the submissive's lips.

Heather looked at the crowd and said, "Rates are as I said they were. $100 for a solo, $85 per person for a group." The boys and girls began reaching for their money. Heather began walking over there, while saying, "What are rules 4, 6 and 8?"

Trembling, horrified, desperate to obey but uncertain if she'd be capable, Lexis whimpered and said, "No cumming without your permission, Miss Heather."


Who's next?


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