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Tom was utterly flabbergasted by all this; the only reaction he could muster to "Dr. Hadley" was to shake his head in a dazed fashion.

Sensing his confusion, but obviously not realizing the source, she tsked sympathetically. "Hmm, definitely something wrong here. Possibly more serious than I thought. I may need some assistance from my nurse. One moment."

She went back behind the curtain. Tom was rather disappointed, not only because the bikini-clad beauty was out of sight, but also because she kept bringing up ugly old "Nurse Ratched". Fun as having a half-naked Olivia Wilde as school doctor was, he wished the Nurse could have been replaced instead.

Then Olivia came back through the curtain...followed by another Olivia, in a skimpy "Naughty Nurse" outfit!

"I hope you don't mind," the doctor said. "But Nurse Hadley will be assisting me with this procedure."

As she spoke, the other Olivia was stripping her clothes off...


What next?


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