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John Almighty | Shendude | 10


At first, Tom merely stared, mouth agape, at the astounding sights before him. His theory that he was the victim of some sort of prank TV show couldn't explain the sudden transformation of this school. Which meant...

"Oh. My. God," he said aloud, as the realization sunk in. He really DID have mind control powers! No, wait. He wasn't just controlling people's minds, he was altering reality ITSELF.

Then the bell rang. So utterly flabbergasted by his epiphany that he couldn't think straight, Tom basically defaulted to autopilot and headed off to class and took his seat, still trying to process the incredible truth.

He was no raised from this reverie until a gorgeous brunette sat on his lap. It took him amoment to recognize the luscious creature, who was wearing a pair of glasses and nothing else, as Arabella Morton, one of the single nerdiest members of the student body.

"Hey, baby," she said in a sultry voice completely unlike the irritating screech that used to be one of her trademarks, and began nuzzling his neck. Tom looked around and saw that all the girls had similarly seated themselves on the laps of boys and that all the boys were taking full advantage of the situation.


How does Tom react?


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