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.Secret Agent, Sarah Banks | deathofcards | 8


Sarah sat there in Saskia’s office thinking about the job she had just been offered. She liked the idea, but was still uncertain.

“Can I think about it a bit more?” Sarah asked.

Saskia smiled at her cheerfully. “Certainly Sarah.” Saskia handed Sarah a business card. It was a rectangular card with pink lettering reading ‘Madame Saskia’s’ with a telephone number and address on it. Sarah took the card from her and pocketed it, then stood up. The camera bounced in her coat pocket as she did.

Sarah headed for the door that lead back into the corridor. She walked back to where she had parked her car. Sarah got in and started the engine, it roared into life and she sped off home. Sarah couldn’t help speeding home feeling exhilarated due to her earlier experiences. She got home and parked in front of her house. Sarah went inside and took off her coat draping it over a chair. She took the camera from her pocket and put it on the coffee table in the front room.

She walked over to the phone and dialed the number Jack had given her. After a few minutes Jack answered.

“Hello Jack speacking?" he said.

"Hey, it's Sarah. I just thought I’d ring to check in,” Sarah explained.

“You did really well tonight, we’ve got agents who have had years of field training who don’t show the amount of cool you did tonight. You have a lot of potenial.”

“Thanks, Jack. What do you want me to do with the camera?” Sarah asked.

“We need the information tonight Sarah. I’m going to come over and collect it.”

“Ok, Jack I’ll be waiting.” Sarah hung the phone up.

Sarah decided to have a shower while she was waiting for Jack. Over the noise of the shower she heard her doorbell ring. She turned the shower off and went into her bedroom. She grabbed a sheer silk nightie and slipped it on. Then Sarah went and answered the door. Jack stood there in the doorway wearing a dark suit clutching a laptop computer under one arm. Jack eyed Sarah up and down in her silk outfit, her nipples very slightly exposed due to how loosely Sarah had tied it up. A split at the waist of it showed off a generous amount of Sarah’s thighs.

“I was just in the shower. Come in Jack.”

Jack came in, unable to keep his eyes off Sarah. She went off to get changed and he took a seat in her living room. He noticed the camera on the coffee table, and took out a cable from his suit pocket. He connected the camera to the laptop and set about downloading the information. After a few minutes Sarah came back fully dressed, she headed into the kitchen.

“Can I get you a drink Jack?” Sarah asked.

He stared up at her from behind the computer. “An orange juice or a soda would be great,” Jack replied.

“I’ve got some beers if you’d prefer.”

“I’m still on duty Sarah, so I shouldn’t,” he told her.

“Oh come on Jack, Live a little, we should be celebrating!”

“Ok, just one.”

Sarah disappeared from view and Jack heard a fridge opening. Sarah walked into the living room with two beers. Jack recognised the brand as some imported Dutch lager and took it from her graciously. Sarah had changed into a tight blue college t-shirt, which exposed her midriff and a tight pair of hipster jeans. The jeans hugged Sarah’s ass tightly and accentuated the curves off her ass. She sat down next to Jack and took a sip from her beer. Jack tried to return to the data now on his computer but found the lithe young girl who sat next to him a bit too distracting.

“So did you get the information you were after Jack?” Sarah asked.

“Yeah the time, date and location of the meeting is on here and it’s all thanks to you Sarah. One of the biggest drug dealers in America is going to be brought down soon,” Jack complimented her.

Sarah laughed slightly. She couldn’t help find it all a little strange, that her simple little act earlier was going to bring down such a man. Jack turned to face her. “What’s the matter Sarah?” Jack asked.

“Nothing. I was just thinking that’s all,” Sarah answered, returning his gaze. They both fell silent staring into each other’s eyes. The two of them were suddenly aware of the chemistry between them.

Sarah was the first to break the silence. “I want you, Jack.”

Jack moved in closer to Sarah and started to kiss her. They were enveloped in each other, exploring each other’s bodies like long lost lovers.


Where does this lead next?

          Rub and Tug


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