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Jacob & His Jinniyah | Shendude | 4


Jacob was enjoying himself thoroughly. So was Efritana. And thanks to her magic, so were the two blondes who now thought of themselves as Jacob's slaves. Then, between bites of food, Jacob looked at his watch.

"Shit! I'm going to be late for class!"

Efritana, paused in her sucking, and arched an eyebrow. "Does that matter? I can make it so you have no class now."

Jacob shook his head. "Nah, it's my favorite class. Hey why don't you..."

Before he finished the sentence, he was in the classroom; once again, Efritana had anticipated his wish. The two blondes had come along as well. Unbeknownst to Jacob, so had Jacinta. All three now believed that they'd always had this class at this time.

Jacob took a look around, and realized that, sexy as the new uniform was, there were some girls who it didn't help. Even as he thought this, Efritana corrected the problem, and every girl in the class became, at the very least, pretty or cute, and many outright stunning. Asides from Jacob, no one was fazed by this, Efritana having made them believe that it had always been this way. That didn't stop the male students from ogling their female classmates. Despite himself, Jacob felt a brief surge of jealousy, and once again, Efritana anticipated his wish, causing every other guy in the class to become a hot girl.

Jacob grinned. "Man, if only the whole campus was like this!" Then he paused, and looked at Efritana, who was smirking. "It is, isn't it?"

"Aye, Master. Asides from yourself, everyone on this campus, student and stuff alike, is an attractive female."

At that moment, the teacher, Prof. Hengist, entered. Formerly a balding, stooped-over man, the Prof. was now a tall, statuesque blonde, with Nordic features; the kind of woman who you'd think would be born to wear the new uniform. Perversely, Jacob wondered what she'd look like in a harem outfit...and suddenly she was wearing one, and looked great in it. He decided he wanted more women on campus to dress like that.

Efritana smiled again. "All members of the faculty now wear some form of harem outfit, Master."


How does class go?

          Efritana continues her blowjob


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