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Marvel Super-Hookers | Shendude | 2


Aboard the SHIELD Helicarrier...

Nick Fury mulled over the data he had been given by Reed and Sue. He was honestly glad that Richards had put aside the personality modifier he had created for now. If it had gotten into the wrong hands, such as, say, Doctor Doom or that anti-mutant nutcase clergyman Reverend William Stryker... Nick shivered, deciding to not think about it.

He sighed, thinking of Doom. What was he doing at the UN? He was known to be the leader of the Masters of Evil, so what could he want there? Damned diplomatic immunity. If it weren't for the goddamn regs, he'd lead a force of Super-Hookers into Latveria, level the place, and have an orgy atop the ruins of his castle.

Plus, there was this other thing, Rick Jones and Moonstone's minds being switched with their counterparts from this reality. In the report that Reed had given him, that the one responsible might be a villain whom they weren't familiar with on this reality, was discomforting. He needed to figure something out.

He debated contacting the pantheons to try and figure something out. The Olympians and Asgardians in particular were quite friendly with SHIELD (several of the goddesses, including, surprisingly enough, Amora the Enchantress, eagerly and willingly sold their services as Super-Hookers), and Zeus and Odin were both quite easy to deal with when crises of a big enough level occured. One of them might be able to help devise a way to get the real Rick and Moonstone back.

Another option to consider were the alien allies, such as the Shi'ar, the Kree, and the Skrull Unity faction. Majestrix Lilandra, after sampling the pleasures Earth had to offer as a Super-Hooker (as well as falling in love with noted researcher Charles Xavier) had peacefully annexed the planet into the Shi'ar Empire (allowing them complete autonomy, something which the governments of the world as well as SHIELD and all other similar organizations were very grateful for) simply so that she and the female members of her Imperial Guard could visit Earth and 'have fun' as Super-Hookers without being questioned. The Skrull Unity faction was led by a rebellious daughter of the current Empress, Empress S'byl. The Princess Veranke, apparently favored by the Skrull pantheon, had a vision that Earth would be key to the survival of their race. Those that supported her had aligned with Earth under the supervision of SHIELD. And during the Kree/Skrull war, the prophesy was fulfilled, Rick Jones playing a key role in ending both the war and in keeping Galactus from devouring the Skrull homeworld. Many more defected after that. Princess Veranke became a valued ally of Earth after that, informing them through SHIELD of any potential cosmic threats (such as Galactus occasionally 'conveniently forgetting' that he promised Shalla-Bal, the Silver Surfer, that he wouldn't eat the planet). Several Skrulls, including the princess herself, had volunteered their services as Super-Hookers out of gratitude.

The Kree... The Kree Empire, or what remained of it, was only an ally of Earth because after the Skrull Imperial and Unity factions had defeated them, the Shi'ar annexed them and enslaved the race. Several female Kree soldiers, including Doctor Minerva of the Kree Starforce, in exchange for greater freedom, agreed to be Super-Hookers.

Nick dismissed the idea of asking the Kree for help. With the exception of the Kree Super-Hookers, who seemed to greatly enjoy coming to Earth to have sex with clients, the Kree were pretty much angry with human-kind.

Nick rubbed his temples. "Meh. Alternate realities give me a headache. Makes me glad that Richards had second thoughts about that 'Negative Zone' portal he had been planning to build a year ago."

"Something wrong, Nick?" purred a sensual voice with a Russian accent, Nick turned, seeing Black Widow behind him.

He grinned, the red-headed beauty was dressed a bit more conservatively than most Super-Hookers, clad in a skintight dark gray spysuit that left her impressive cleavage bar, her long, elegant hair tied in a loose ponytail. Her gold Widow's Bite gauntlets were currently off, hanging from her gold utility belt, a white black widow hourglass over the left breast of her suit.

Nick chuckled. "Same old same old, Natasha," he said, scratching underneath his eyepatch, "Just one problem after another."

Black Widow grinned, and purred, "Perhaps you'd like some relaxation? I find that a good fucking can help clear your head quite nicely."

Nick smirked, looking the buxom beauty over, musing on the irony that one of the most lethal women on the planet could be so affectionate and wild in bed.

And best of all, he could have not just her, but any Super-Hooker he wanted for free. He didn't really understand what he did to earn it, as the list was created starting with him, but he wasn't really complaining, honestly.

"Y'know what?" he said, "That sounds like a great idea. My quarters are just ahead."

Madame White's Brothel and Business College...

No one said a word as Headmistress Emma Frost entered the conference room. She was ten minutes late, but her slightly bow-legged walk and her flushed expression was all the excuse they needed. Not a single one of the school's teachers would disagree that servicing clients had to come first, especially over staff meetings as trivial as this.

Besides, if what her redheaded lover Jean Grey and the buxom, Asian-born British beauty Betsy Braddock had sensed was accurate, then Emma was having a grand old time. None of them begrudged the other a good fuck.

Since everyone understood this, Emma simply started as if she was on time. She looked over the room, seeing that the main staff was here. Professors Jean 'Phoenix' Grey, Ororo 'Storm' Munroe, Lorna 'Polaris' Dane, Betsy 'Psylocke' Braddock, Allison 'Dazzler' Blaire, and Katherine 'Shadowcat' Pryde, along with Doctor Cecilia Reyes, Coach Sarah 'Marrow' Rushman, and Instructor Karima 'Omega Sentinel' Shapandar. To her surprise, Anna-Marie 'Rogue' Darkholme and her mother, shapeshifer and former villainess Raven 'Mystique' Darkholme, and her other mother, the recently de-aged Irene 'Destiny' Adler, were there as well.

"This is a surprise, Rogue," Emma said, calling her by her costumed adventurer name, "But a good one. What brings you and your parents here?"

Rogue smiled. "Well, you said that y'all were lookin' for some new teachers. Figured that since Mama Destiny and Daddy Mystique were lookin' for something interestin' to do since they reformed, ah figured I'd bring them."

Mystique flinched, blushing. Ever since it had come out that she had fathered Rogue on Destiny by turning male for one of their intimate sessions, the buxom, beautiful shapeshifter had been teased constantly. But she didn't mind.

Emma was still wary of Mystique. She had only been with the Sisterhood of Mutants for a short time, having jumped at the chance to become a Super-Hooker when it became legal, but she had behaved herself so far.

Besides, three of the most powerful telepaths on the planet, including a cosmic powered one in the form of Jean, were members of the X-Brothel. If she did get out of line, there was more than enough firepower to make her reconsider her career options. (Which, to Emma, Jean, and Betsy's amusement, was exactly what she started doing after the original members of the X-Brothel, herself, Jean, Betsy, Storm, and Lorna, had pretty much humiliated her 'sisterhood.')

"Well... There's no denying their credentials, and if nothing else, Mystique giving a perspective on the darker side of the super-powered community, as well as Destiny's precognative abilities, would come in quite handy. But that's not the purpose of this meeting. It's time once again for our annual meeting to decide who amongst our students, mutant, superhuman, and adventurer alike, is ready to start taking clients. Remember, we're not just considering sexual ability, but business ability and class grades as well. I've provided a few of the most likely candidates that are of age and their files for us to consider."

Avengers Mansion...

Hercules strolled down the main gateway to the mansion, musing on his good fortune. He had awakened into an era full of beautiful women heroes, and aside from soldiers like Nick Fury, he was the only superpowered male on the planet. (Well, male hero anyway. He didn't really think about the villains unless they did something to annoy him.) He was surprised to see that what was once considered an ignoble profession had gained a modicum of respect. He was also surprised to see so many goddesses of various Pantheons, including his sister Aphrodite, amongst those who called themselves 'Super-Hookers.' (He was especially surprised to see the Asgardian Amora the Enchantress as a more than willing Super-Hooker. When he asked her, she claimed that the 'worship' she got working as a super-powered whore/part-time heroine outshined anything she got in the old days. Hey, anything to keep her from causing trouble...)

Naturally, being a horny, virile, heterosexual male (he missed Megara, but accepted that she had passed on to a better place), he had made it a point to get as much tail as he could, joining SHIELD as a 'payed enforcer' and a government sponsored super-hero. He had been at first hailed by the more chauvanisting members of society as a welcome change from the 'slutty trampy whores' that populated the superhero community. (He was offended by that middle part. These women enjoyed sex greatly, and they were, technically, whores, but they were also fine women with strong personalities that were just as heroic as he himself was.) But after seeing him treat the Super-Hookers with the respect and camaraderie he felt they deserved (when he wasn't blowing his whole paycheck on an orgy), and seeing Herc's epic DRINKING habits, they ceased their nonsense talk and went back to making fools of themselves bashing Earth Sexiest Heroes.

Herc himself had scored a major bonus after not only playing a major part in stopping Ultron's attempt to make humanity the slaves of machines, nearly dying in the process, but then utterly humiliating Senator Robert Kelly in public when he refused to acknowledge the Super-Hookers part in stopping the insane android. Those two acts had earned him a spot on the Global Freebie List, something which he indulged almost daily. (In fact, he indulged it so much that the Whoreoines tended to wonder if something was wrong if he went more than two days without sex.)

He went up to the mansion, which in addition to being the main headquarters for all heroic activity amongst the Super-Hookers, was also a premier brothel, matched only by Emma's school in opulence. (Herc was honestly surprised that Tony Stark hadn't made the Global Freebie List yet, with everything he's done. Stark himself had explained why he hadn't earned the spot yet, but he used a lot of confusing terminology that Herc had just tuned out.)

To his surprise, Tony Stark's butler, Jarvis, was there. "Ah, Master Hercules," he said, "Do come in. Mister Stark was just reserving some 'entertainment' for his friend's birthday party."

"Oh ho!" Hercules said, "A party, eh? Perhaps I should ask if I can come! Then we could make it into a true Bacchanal!"

Jarvis coughed politely. "Sir, remember what happened the last time you held a 'Bacchanal?'"

Hercules blushed. "I cleaned it all up," he muttered petulantly, smiling in amusement despite his embarrassment at his past folly, "Practically a thirteenth labor, it was. And it's not like anyone DIED, or was permanently injured or traumatized..."

Jarvis chuckled politely. "Just reminding you of the need for restraint."

Hercules grinned broadly. "Fear not, friend Jarvis. It's slow going, but I am learning to restrain myself. Now step aside, my good man. I crave intimate relations with a super-powered beauty or three."

Jarvis chuckled, and stepped aside. As a member of the Global Freebie List, Hercules had 24/7 access to both the X-Brothel and Avengers Mansion, as well as any independent Super-Hookers that he managed to woo for the evening.

Hercules, for his part, considered that his life couldn't be better. Adventuring and wenching with beautiful women warriors... life, at least for a demigod like him, didn't get any better than this.

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