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"S.L.U.T." Game | Edogawakun | 2


Sitting inside the box is a collar with a simple design. The black leather material is soft to the touch and almost begs to be worn. That allure takes over your body and you snap the metal buckle in place before you even realize your hands are moving. In front is a D-ring for a leash, and that's all it takes to get your mind going. You can just imagine having a toned, beautiful woman drag you around a park by a three foot leash. The cold night air on your bare chest causes goosebumps to form. She may admire your toned chest, but this was a very bad night to walk around town like that, exactly what she needs to assert herself. With her authority established and her ass swaying with each step, the chill does nothing about the seven inch bulge threatening to break the zipper to your jeans.

When she finally stops pulling you, you find yourself in the middle of the park, your only company being the moon and the stars. Just as you begin resting your legs, you feel your jeans slide down your legs, only slight resistance as it goes over your prick. With nothing underneath the denim, her order to step out of them and your sneakers leaves your body bared to the millions of eyes in the sky, only the leash down your chest offering coverage. Before the night air can begin another attempt to reduce your dick's swelling, her warm hands rub your chest, letting her nails scratch your nipples every few seconds. Your breath quickens as her skilled hands continue working their magic on you, and the slight throb between your legs confirming her skill. Your panting comes to a halt when her hands pull back. A pinch to your ass causes you to jump and turn to face her. She's seated on a bench, beaconing you between her legs with a finger. You kneel down and guide your eyes between your legs, like she's trained you, until you hear her command, "Get my panties off and lick my pussy clean." You gaze between her legs grinning at the pink lace. You reach a hand on the front and tug the garment off, watching it land around her ankles. Your eyes roam over her legs just in time to see your seed coat them from knee to shin.

Your orgasm ends your fantasy, making you very aware of your dick softening in your right hand. Your head is directed to the ceiling, and your eyes join the direction as they roll out of the back of your head. You don't know when you backed into the wall, but now it's making it easier to stay standing. Once you've calmed back down, you straighten up, taking your eyes off the ceiling and directing their gaze between your sweaty legs and trail them forward a bit. You blush as you think ahead to the future, explaining the stain on your dorm room's floor to your parents, your friends, and the dorm staff. You quickly note to shampoo the carpet in the very near future.

If you didn't know any better, you'd swear the collar had magic powers. You've never had such a fantasy before, and your soaked rug is a testament to never having such a climax before. Your psychology professor would just say, "The power of stimuli on the mind is truly amazing." You just shrug in amazement as you go to release the buckle. But it doesn't release. You start tugging at the collar to get it off. It was fun, but you want it to end. Now. Unfortunately, the buckle holds strong against your tugs, and the leather doesn't break either. You go back to the box, hoping to find an answer among what's left. On the floor mere inches from the box is a card with the same design as the first one. You pick this one up and feel your face crumble at its text:

Thank you for participating in S.L.U.T.! By breaking the seal on the box, you have formally acknowledged your desire to compete in S.L.U.T. You can no longer withdraw your entry. The enclosed collar is a symbol of your participation in S.L.U.T. The digital lock can only be released with a remote control in our possession. You will wear it throughout S.L.U.T. and will have it released at the conclusion of the game. Should you not be wearing the collar by the start of the game, you will be considered a forfeit. Should you damage either the buckle or collar, you'll also be required to either replace or pay for the collar. It is our possession, and will be returned to us at the conclusion of the game, and we have no use for broken collars.

"Bull shit!" you screech, picking your robe up. "They can't do that! They have to warn me about it beforehand." You pick up the card and skim it as you continue, "It would have to say on here that...SHIT!" You mentally kick yourself as you notice the small print. "Well, in what universe is a card all that's...FUCK!!" You recall the clipboard of papers you signed without reading and realize you're stuck, thoroughly screwed over by your own impatience. Your only choices are to pass or play. You remind yourself, 'How bad could it be?'

You continue reading the card:

The game will begin within one week's time. This delay is necessary to establish which of the remaining individuals have chosen to compete. In the mean time, you may begin thinking about how to defeat your opponent.

The game is called...


What's the game? And what are the rules?

          T​he Exhibition & Voyeur Game


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