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Jacob & His Jinniyah | SHendude | 1


Jacob Schwartz, college sophmore, was taking a walk. It had taken him a few weeks, but he'd finally found a time and place where he could walk in perfect solitude.

As he walked, he daydreamed. Or more precisely, he fantasized. This particular fantasy was one he kept returning too, combining all his favorite fetishes. He fantasized about dozens of beautiful women, of every age, race, and body-type. All were clad in either harem outfits or Nazi uniforms (his most secret fetish, given his Jewish heritage). One and all, they called him "Master", and eagerly obeyed his every command.

As he visualized a dark-skinned beauty in the uniform of the Waffen-SS taking his cock in her mouth, while a blonde wearing only harem pants and a veil proffered her bare breasts to him, his reverie was abruptly interrupted as an object fell from the sky right in front of him.

Startled he backed up, and looked around, trying to see who'd thrown the object. But he saw no one. With a shrug he examined it. It was a bottle, seemingly made of blue glass...but given that it had just fallen on the ground and showed not a scratch, that couldn't be right, could it? He picked it up, and was astonished by it's lightness...even if it was empty, it should be heavier than this, surely? And given that it was sealed tightly with wax, he doubted that it was empty. Overcome by curiousity, he broke the seal.

There was a rush of wind, and a flash of fire, and suddenly, Jacob was no longer alone. Standing in front of him was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen, her glorious body clad in a harem outfit straight out of his fantasies. He was so awed by her bauty that it took him several minutes to note that she was a head taller than him, had pointed ears, and skin the color of a lightning bolt.

As he realized this, she looked at him.

"Greetings mortal," she said, her voice as sexy as the rest of her.

Jacob attempted to respond, and to ask what was going on, but he was too shocked to speak coherently, and all that came out was gibberish. She didn't seemed botherd by this.

"I am Efritana, a Jinniyah."

Jacob managed to squelch his fear and awe long enought to mubmble, "You're a genie?"

Efritana frowned. "Jinniyah. A female ch1ld of storm and smokeless fire. Jinni is plural. Anyways, from the depths of my heart I thank you for freeing me from my prison."

"Prison?" Jacob inquired, beginning to overcome his fear.

"That bottle. The King of all Jinni imprisoned me in that bottle and then buried it miles under earth and sea. But a great eruption sent the bottle into the air, and it's magical lightness allowed the winds to carry it here, allowing you to open it."

Jacob became somewhat curious at this point. "Uhm, why where you imprisoned?"

"I commited the crime of rampant promiscuity," she explained.

Jacob blinked. "That's a crime?"

"It is when your husband is the King of all Jinni and he catches you hosting an orgy with a dozen mortals in his bedchamber."

She paused.

"But enough about that. As you have freed me, I must reward you."

Jacob perked up. "So I get three wishes?"

Efritana laughed. "Three? What kind of ungrateful wretch do you think I am? I will of course be your slave for life. My body and my magic are yours to command!"


Which does Jacob use first, Efritana's body or her magic?

          Efritana works some magic for Jacob


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