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18-Year Old Bitch | dkburrows | 2


Jessica hesitated before saying "I didn't bring a condom so i guess you'll have to fuck my ass. I don't want to catch anything, after all."

The man stared at her. The glove box contained a package of condoms but he was damned if he'd say anything about them now. Or ask why she thought being fucked in the ass was safer.

Even without being the brightest bulb Jessica had long ago figured out that condoms were to protect against pregnancy and diseases. Since she took the pill most days she knew she couldn't get pregnant.

"Aren't you afraid of diseases?"

"Sure. That's why you have to fuck me up the ass. You could have all sorts of things I wouldn't want to catch."

'But..." he bit his tongue. He had no idea how she'd gotten the idea that she could only catch diseases through her pussy, but he decided not to disabuse her of that notion. "...I don't have lube."

He could have kicked himself for saying that. Now she'd change her mind and he'd have to settle for a blowjob, his least favorite of the options.

"No prob, boys always forget it and the last couple guys who used it told me that vaseline hurts. Now I use nature's lubricant. Spit."

"Uh, okay. So I'll just..."

"Or, you know, I let em stick it in my cunt just long enough to get it wet. So long as they don't come. It's the sperm that gets ya. Pop it out, and I'll lube er up for ya. We might have to stop now and then to relube."

"Hot damn," the man muttered as her hands unzipped him. "So you've taken it up the butt before?"

Jessica laughed. "Tons of times. You'd be amazed how many guys seem to forget their condoms. I always tell them that they better have a condoms because otherwise they can only do my ass until I know them better."

"So, uh..." her hands delved into his pants, distracting him from what he was going to say. Her fingers fished out his hard length.

"Have you had lots of boyfriends?"

"I had three once. Usually it's one, sometimes two if the first guy doesn't mind him joining us."

"You let them join you??"

"Mama always said a proper lady never says no. Hey, you're really thick."

It took him a moment to realize what she meant as her fingernails lightly trailed up his cock, a delicious tickling that made him throb.

"You sure you didn't misunderstand her? I mean Japanese people think it's rude to just say no. They have to say it some other way."

"Probably in Japanese," she agreed, nodding, curving her fingers around his rod. "Which I'm not, so I'm sure that's not what she meant."

"No I mean..." he gasped as she squeezed him, losing the trail of thought again.

"How many guys have you been with?"

"Gee, three at a time is the most I've been able handle before a new bunch takes over."

"God!" he exclaimed, as much from what she said as from feeling her tongue trail up his length.

"I... I mean how many guys have ever fucked you? All your boyfriends..."

"Oh! I don't know. I lost count a long time ago. More than ten anyway..."

He opened his mouth to ask another question just as she opened hers to gulp him down. Abruptly he decided to let her have the last word and concentrated on not blowing his load in the gorgeous teens mouth.

It was a futile effort. Jessica's oral skills were well-honed from constant practice, and he'd been aroused even before she began the oral administrations. Torn between the prospect of ass-fucking her and blowing his load he hesitated...


Can he hold out for more than a blowjob?

          The anal plan alters, becoming the pussy plan, which blows....


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