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A Family Of Three | Bran_Hopewell | 4


"Mom...wait..." I said. I barely registered that the words came out of my voice. She turned, her fingers popping the last of her buttons on her blouse, the slight breeze exposing her lacy black bra. Even from where I was I could see her dark pink nipples through the thin black material; standing erect and proud, begging to be sucked.

"Yes?" she said, cocking her hip, making her mini-skirt hitch up her thighs another inch. "Something you need, baby?" she asked seductively, licking her lips and flashing me another wink.

I froze and she walked closer to me, her hips swaying as she moved in her heels across the yard. Her long and sexy legs flexed as she moved like a phantom, and I was mezmerized.

"What's the matter, pussy got your tongue?" she asked as she got closer. She didn't stop until she was a foot from me, the smell of her vanilla perfume mingling with the fresh scent of out side, and I swore I could smell her desire from where I was standing.

I was rock hard. Wanting her.

She bent forward a little, her lips finding my earlobe, brushing against them as her husky breath crashed against my neck while she whispered. "I hope you're willing to give me what you've been giving your sister...I've been watching you two," she said quietly. She laughed softly. "Well...maybe more than just watching. Like this two are so hot together, and you're so dirty...fucking your sister like that," she purred out into my ear. Goosebumps exploded across my body as she said "fucking," it was the first time I'd ever heard her swear.

"...I couldn't help myself," she continued, I felt her hands on my wrist and she guided my hand between her thighs, dragging the tips against the short distance of skin covered by her mini-skirt. I could feel the heat of her snatch when I was still inches from it and the slick hot wetness on her thighs was two inches below her pantiless, hairless cunt. "I put my fingers right where yours are now," she moaned. "Oh god...I watched my daughter suck my son's dick. I watched as you exploded in her mouth and I was so jealous," she said, still rubbing my fingers across her sloppy snatch.

I worked my finger tips inside her, two of them, curling up, just barely able to hit her g-spot with the angle we were at. Her knees got weak and she hunched down as my fingers found the sensitive patch.

"God yes...right there, baby," she said as my fingers wiggled inside her, batting at the tiny zone in her pussy. "Fuck was I jealous...I wanted to be...sucking your bad. Then...I wanted to hard again...and fuck you. So much..." she purred, her voice coming in soft gasps in between words.

Then without warning, she backed away, grinning playfully, turning, and heading for the house, her skirt bunched up around her hips, her blouse open, skin flushed. She ran, looking over her shoulder just long enough to say, "you gonna stand there or come fuck me?"


Are you one to keep a woman waiting?


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