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A Bet Leads To Domination In The Office | switch76 | 7


"What is it, boss?" you ask enthusiastically, ready to tell her anything that may save your job. "I'll tell you whatever you want to know," you add.

Your boss raises a finger and opens her mouth, but then seemingly stops herself. Finally, she says, "Yes. Well, was just telling me she is aware you have some equipment that is a little different than the majority of our employees."

You think for a minute, and then your positive feelings flatten back to normal. "Yes; I'm afraid that's true, boss," you tell her. "I do sort of keep an eye out for updates for the programs I use here. I tend to check about once a month, downloading and installing any I find available."

She pauses a few more seconds, and then says, "Yes. Well, that's not actually a violation of any rules we have on the books here. Besides, what told me about was not anything involving appliances or electronics." She then hesitates, before adding, "At least... I don't think so."

Now it's your turn to be silent. "Well, I don't know what it could be, then," you say, "but I'll discuss it if I figure it out; I'm an open book."

"Open books are all well and good," the boss says immediately, seemingly growing angry, "but how about opening those pants?"


What is your response?

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