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.Secret Agent, Sarah Banks | deathofcards | 7


Sarah was intrigued enough by Saskia to follow her. The two women walked down the corridor and into Saskia’s office. Saskia walked back over to her chair and sat down, Sarah decided to sit back where she had earlier. Saskia took out a slim metal cigarette case and retrieved one from the packet, she placed it into her cigarette holder and lit it. Sarah was wondering what all this was about, she couldn’t think of anything that Saskia would want to discuss with her. Sarah decided to wait and she what she was going to say.

“I enjoyed your performance, Sarah” Saskia told her.

Sarah was a little taken aback by Saskia’s remark, a look of slight confusion spread across her face. “Don’t look so surprised Sarah, my club has a state-of-the-art security system. We have cameras in every room, I monitor what happens in them.” Saskia explained.

Sarah wasn’t exactly sure what to say in reply. “I watch for two reasons. First because I have to make sure my girls are safe, and second because I enjoy watching my girls getting fucked.”

“What, was it you wanted to discuss?” Sarah managed to ask.

“Well, as I said I was very impressed by your performance earlier. And from watching you I noticed that you seemed to enjoy it a lot much more than some girls do. What I wanted to discuss with you Sarah was a job opportunity. I would like to offer you a job working here.” Saskia told her.

Sarah wasn’t sure what to say. Eventually she managed to ask “What kind of a job?”

Saskia smiled at Sarah’s question. “Essentially you’d be doing two jobs. You would have to work as a dancer in the lap dancing area of my place. The other part of the job you already know about.”

Sarah knew what she meant having sex with certain customers. Despite the fact she loved sex and couldn’t get enough of it part of her was disgusted by the idea of getting paid to have sex with complete strangers. The other half of her was getting turned on by the idea of it, she was starting to get a little wet.

“So what do you think Sarah?” Saskia asked.

“I’ll have to think about it.” Sarah replied. Sarah thought for a moment and decided to ask a question “How much would the job pay?”

“That will take a little explaining. The lap dancing pays $40 a night plus tips which are all yours. However the other part of the job pays a lot more but I take certain percentage of what you earn.” Saskia informed her.

“What kind of percentage?” Sarah asked.

“There are different costs depending upon what the customer wants. A handjob or a blowjob is $50. full sex is $200. If a guy wants anal sex it’s $300. If a man wants to cum inside of the girl that costs extra, all are girls are required to be on birth control. On occasion one of are customers will ask for something extra like a threesome or a party or something we are always happy to cater to their requests for a little extra money of course. Normally I take forty percent from the cost depending upon what it is they want.” Saskia explained to her.

Sarah was still a little uncertain about it she was still wasn’t keen on the idea of having sex for money. On the other hand she would be getting paid for something she loved, and the extra money would certainly be nice. She was aware that Madame Saskia was staring at her awaiting an answer.

“So Sarah, what’s it going to be? Would you like a job?”


What's her response?

          Sarah has to think about it


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