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"I'm Not a Slut" | dkburrows | 6


A sudden surge of the mighty prick, a kiss, a hand tweaking her nipples, following by a tongue. Lexi had no real choice in the matter. She was flying high on stimulants and being fucked by an expert.

Every thrust rasped along her clit, driving her higher and higher, bringing her out of the her normal comfortable atmosphere where rational thought and morals limited her behavior. John drilled her like Ryan never could, never had.

Sex with her boyfriend had been good, but never like this, never so carefree, never so certain of pleasuring her. It was a hit or miss thing, Ryan always coming, her mostly faking it, but having fun nonetheless, those infrequent times she agreed to sleep with him.

But now her inhibitions had been removed, and she was cresting the waves of an unimaginable orgasm.

And then John stopped, pulling out with one loud slurp that in itself nearly brought her over the edge. Instead it left her mewling for more, teetering right on the very cliff, her cunt muscles spasming, reaching for something, anything, to make to her explode in ecstasy.

She tried to beg him to continue, but her mind was so much much that she could only stare and whimper, humping the air as he moved up to straddle her tits.

Maneuvering her hands behind her head, thrusting between the small cleavage of her modest tits, his legs pushing them together, he raised her head.

"Suck!" he ordered, and she did, wanting to please him so he would return to her poor abandoned pussy.

She took the head of his long dick into her mouth, licking around the crown, tickling his piss-hole like she wanted to fuck it with the point of her tongue. He inched forward and back, the suction of her lips, the teasing of her tongue bringing him to the very verge.

Murmurs and a laugh penetrated the haze of near-orgasm and Lexi realized they were not alone. Guys and girls crowded the door, staring at the display. Her, licking her own juices from a stranger's cock as he fucked her face, all of it filmed. Her, gyrating her hips like she was searching for a cock to fill her.

John's hands moved down, squeezing her tits. Lexi's hands tried to follow, only to find themselves restrained by something padded. "Handcuffs," he told her tersely, pulling his dick from her lush lips, moving it down to her tits.

With powerful hands he mashed her modest chest together, with effort creating a shallow valley for his cock's final run. Back and forth he sawed, his thumbs flicking over her hard tight nipples, arms straining toward each other to crush her tits against his cock, creating all the friction he needed to finally blast off.

And what a blast it was, starting with a combustion in his balls like dynamite, hurtling the deep wells of cum straight up twelve long inches of barrel like it was a shotgun. Long thick ropes of man seed streaked her face, from her forehead to her chin. He gave four more blasts to each side of her face, each as mighty as the first before they petered out into two smaller ones that landed on her mouth, chin and neck. He bucked his hips on her chest a few seconds, massaging the last of the cum out of his balls, letting it dribble into the hollow of her throat.

"Clean it," he told her, pinching her nipples before he slid forward, sitting atop her breasts to present his cock to her lips. He reached behind him to slap her cunt. Once, twice, thrice. Her mouth spread into an 'O', her eyes slitting in pleasure, her cunt presenting itself for more. He dipped his long dick into those lips and she sucked like a baby on a bottle.

He gave a few more slaps, stirring up the fire that had cooled during his finale. With a few practiced swats he brought her reddened cunt back to the utter brink, and oh so carefully no further.

At last he got up, one knee squishing a breast beneath it, but by then he'd had his fun and didn't care if it was hurtful or pleasurable.

He stopped to pick up the camera, panning it over her body one last time, catching the fullness of her lips, slightly swollen from the oral action, the cum decorating her somewhat elfin face that pleaded with her eyes for release. Downward it went, recording the trail of sperm down her throat to her tits, which still showed hand marks where he'd so forcefully tit-fucked her. Down it went over her taut belly, which heaved with effort and need. Finally, between two long, splayed legs, her humping cunt, glistening so brightly, reddened from slaps and fucking, looking for all the world like an open mouth begging to be filled.

With a last smile he turned off the camera and turned to Heather.


What's next for Lexi?

          The Rules

          John pays Heather for the fuck and they talk about his porn site


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