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.Secret Agent, Sarah Banks | deathofcards | 6


Lieto ran his hands over Sarah’s body. Stopping when he reached her breasts. He began to rub her nipples through her dress. Sarah moaned loving how Lieto was touching her and kissing her neck. She had to be convincing in her mission and she was prepared to let him have his way with her. Lieto squeezed Sarah’s breasts gently, cupping her breasts in his hands and rubbing her nipples between his fingers. She moaned every time he touched her nipples.

Sarah turned to face him and he planted a kiss on her lips. She pushed her tongue into his mouth, and their tongues touched and locked. She ran her hands down his back as they were kissing, Lieto still rubbing her breasts. They continued kissing for a few minutes then Sarah pulled back from him. Lieto looked at her inquisitively. Sarah returned his glance with a sexy wink. She turned away from him and slipped the dress from her shoulders letting it fall to the floor.

Sarah stood there for moment, and as slowly as she removed the dress unclasped her bra. She held it in her left hand before dropping it to the floor. Lieto came up behind her and took her breasts in his hands. Sarah could feel his erection pressing up against her, he felt big. Sarah’s pussy was starting to get wet. Lieto continued to squeeze and rub her breasts. His touch was magnificent, he was touching her in just the right way to make her even wetter.

Sarah turned back round again. Lieto took her by the hand and led her over to the bed. He sat down where he had before and pressed his face into Sarah’s breasts. He licked around her nipples, occasionally taking one into her mouth and sucking or biting on it. All the while rubbing her other nipple between his fingers. Sarah couldn’t help slipping a hand into her panties and rubbing her clit while he played with her breasts.

Sarah felt Lieto pull his face back from her breasts. “Suck on my dick, Sarah,” Lieto told her. He slipped the suit jacket from his shoulders, and then took his shirt off. Sarah got to her knees and pulled his pants and underwear off. Freeing Lieto’s large dick. His dick was at least ten inches long and about five inches round. It was one of the biggest Sarah had ever seen, thought of that monster in her pussy was making her very wet.

She moved in closer and slowly licked at the tip. Lieto moaned and said something in Russian she didn’t understand. She continued to lick at the tip, wrapping her tongue around it. Slowly she took head of his dick into her mouth, and lightly sucked on it. She worked the head of his dick in and out of her mouth, running her tongue up and down it while sucking on it. Taking Lieto by surprise she engulfed his pole taking most of it into her mouth. She gagged slightly as it touched the back of her throat. With his dick in her mouth she sucked hard on it, she took his balls in one hand caressing them with her fingers. His dick tasted good. She started to take it in and out of her mouth building up a rhythm. She moved her lips up and down his length, she sucked and licked at it. All the while Lieto was moaning due to her fellation.

Sarah felt his balls tighten, so she speeded up her movements. Lieto couldn’t take anymore and started to cum in Sarah’s mouth. He began to fill her mouth with his seed. Sarah had never had a guy cum so much, and some of it seeped out of the corners of her mouth. She swallowed it all and licked the rest of it up. She licked the last few traces of his cum from his dick. Sarah stood up her panties were soaking and she pulled them off exposing her wet shaved pussy. Lieto laid back on the bed instructing Sarah to sit on his face. She happily got into position placing her pussy over his mouth. Lieto licked at her moist slit, licking up all of Sarah’s pussy juices.

Lieto spread Sarah’s pussy lips with his hands and pushed his tongue into her. She moaned as his tongue entered her, she felt him licking the inside of her pussy lapping up all her juicy goodness. Lieto took Sarah’s clit between his fingers and began to rub it between them. Sarah moaned loudly as Lieto began to lick her harder. He pushed a finger into her pussy as he moved his tongue onto her clit, sucking hard on it. He began to ease his finger in and out of her pussy, as he sucked and licked at her clit. Sarah was so turned on by what he was doing to her she couldn’t last much longer. Lieto sucked harder on Sarah’s clit and pushed another finger into her driving both of his digits deeper into her. Sarah started to let out a series of moans as her pussy began to contract around Lieto’s fingers as he brought her to a screaming orgasm. She rode his face as she came covering it in her orgasmic juices. Lieto continued to finger her as he licked up her cum. As Sarah’s orgasm subsided she got off him and laid next to him.

The orgasm had worn her out but she really wanted to have his huge dick inside her. Sarah lay there recovering for a few minutes, she sat up and took Lieto’s dick in her hands rubbing him until he was hard again. Sarah looked him in the eyes and Lieto said, “Would you like me to fuck you Sarah?”

“I’d love your big dick inside me. I want you to fuck me hard.” Sarah replied feeling very naughty. Lieto sat up and got Sarah to lay down on the bed, he moved on top of her and pressed his dick against her soaking pussy. Slowly he eased it into her, inch by inch. Sarah moaned as Lieto filled her pussy, it was one of the biggest dicks she’d ever had. Her pussy was stretching slightly to take him fully. She wrapped her legs around him and pushed down on his back, forcing his dick into her faster. Sarah gasped when he was fully inside her. Lieto buried his face in her breasts as he moved his hips up and down. Moving his dick in and out of Sarah, never fully pulling it out of her. Each time he pulled out he pushed back into her hard, Sarah squealed with delight every time he pushed back into her. They continued for several minutes like this Lieto’s thrusts becoming harder and faster after awhile.

“Fuck me from behind.” Sarah told him. Lieto did as he was told and pulled out of Sarah, she got on all fours in front of him and he grabbed her hips and pushed his dick back into her. She was so wet her pussy swallowed his entire length effortlessly. Holding her hips he built up a steady rhythm, Sarah matching his thrusts by pushing her hips against. Sarah reached underneath and began to rub her clit as Lieto penetrated her. While fucking her Lieto pushed a finger into Sarah’s ass causing her to moan in pleasure. He started to finger her ass rubbing the flesh between her pussy and ass. Sarah started to rub her clit harder. She felt her pussy and asshole tighten around Lieto’s finger and dick as he made her come. Her hand was covered in her juices as she carried on rubbing her clit. She couldn’t help but bring her fingers to her mouth so she could taste herself.

Lieto for a few minutes, after Sarah’s orgasm, continued to fuck her. After a few more minutes he pulled out of her and brought himself off over her back covering her in a large amount of spunk. The two collapsed against each other. After a few minutes Lieto had fallen asleep. Sarah rubbed most of his cum off on the sheets. Carefully Sarah got up and went over to his suit jacket she searched the pockets for the briefcase key. Silently she went over to the cabinet and took out the camera. She unlocked the briefcase and began to take photos.

Sarah photographed the various bits of information Lieto had. There were names, address, telephone numbers and bank account details. On one solitary piece of paper was an address and a date and time. Satisfied she had found out what Jack wanted she locked up the case and put the key back. Sarah put the camera into her coat, and went to the bathroom to clean off. She quickly dressed and left the room. She couldn’t help smiling she’d completed her mission and had some great sex too. She walked over to the lift and got in. Sarah rode the lift to the ground floor as she opened the door she found Madame Saskia waiting for her. She wondered how she knew that she was in the lift and what she wanted.

“Sarah, there is something I want to discuss with you,” Saskia told her.

Sarah wondered what it could be about. She wasn’t sure whether to talk with Saskia or leave after all, she’d done what she came there to do.


Does Sarah leave or see what Saskia want?

          Sarah talks with Saskia



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