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.Secret Agent, Sarah Banks | deathofcards | 5


Sarah had a quick shower then put on some perfume. She put on the bra and panties she’d bought followed by the stockings and garter belt. She then slipped the black dress on over the top. She couldn’t help admiring how sexy she looked in the mirror, running her hands over her figure.

Sarah looked through the file and found the directions to Madame Saskia’s. She put on a long brown leather overcoat and a pair of pumps, then went out to her car. She was shaking slightly due to the operation, half of her was excited the other half was a little nervous. She took a deep breath to calm her nerves and got into the car, putting her bag containing the stilettos down next to her. The engine purred into life again like it did earlier. Sarah drove to the club, which was a large building only three levels high. Atop the building was a garish pink neon sign reading "Madame Saskia’s."

Standing outside was a large queue of people mainly well-dressed men, but there were a few women. Sarah changed in to the stilettos and put the pumps into her bag. She climbed out of the car and walked over to the club’s entrance. In front of the doors were two burly Security guards. The one closest to her was checking her out, his gaze was definitely on her breasts but eventually he managed to stammer, “c..can I help you, Miss?” he asked.

“I’m here to see Madame Saskia,” Sarah replied.

“Oh right, you must be the new girl. Please go on in she’s expecting you. Just follow the corridor down to the end,” he told her.

Before going in Sarah studied the people in the queue she couldn’t see Lieto anywhere. Sarah headed inside, sure of the bouncer checking out her ass, she wiggled her hips as she was going in just in case he was. Sarah stood in a long corridor, the walls were lined with red satin and several pictures of girls in sexy underwear. She walked down the corridor, halfway down on her left were two large doors from behind Sarah could hear a mix of music playing and a lot of shouting. Sarah guessed that was probably the strip club. A bit further down on her right was a staircase and an elevator. At the end of the corridor was another door with a sign that read, 'Manager.' Sarah walked up to the door and knocked. She realized she was expected but it was polite to knock.

“Come in,” Sarah heard.

Anxiously Sarah opened the door and entered Saskia’s office. The walls dawned the same red satin, which was in the hall. In the middle of the room was Saskia sitting behind a desk. On the wall behind her were several pictures of Madame Saskia, alone or with other people. Sarah thought she might have recognized some famous people on the wall, but decided to turn her attention away. On her left was a small mini-bar and to her right some filing cabinets. Behind the cabinets was a black door. In front of the desk was a leather chair. Sarah noticed Saskia was staring at her.

“Please take a seat,” Saskia asked.

Sarah did as she was told and sat down. Sarah couldn’t help looking at Madame Saskia. Despite her age she actually looked like she was in her twenties. She was dressed in a long shoulder-less black dress, she had on long black gloves. Her hair was up in a bun and had a diamond tiara in it, around her neck was a diamond necklace. Saskia was smoking a cigarette through a long holder taking an occasional puff on it.

“I know why you’re here Sarah. Although I don’t appreciate the CIA’s interference in my business I also have a dislike of drugs. I see they aren’t stupid Sarah, as you’re a very attractive girl. Can I offer you a drink?” Saskia spoke.

“No, thank you. Is Lieto here?" Sarah asked.

"All business I see," Saskia said, "have a drink, it will loosen you up." Saskia made we way to the mini-bar where she quickly made Sarah a drink. She returned and handed it to Sarah before answering the question. “Lieto arrived about ten minutes before you did. He is already in the room we prepared for your operation. Good luck Sarah and be careful, I hear he can be a dangerous man”

The information stated the room would be 307. Sarah got up from the chair and left the room. She went over to the elevator and pressed the call button. After a minute the door opened and a man wearing a gray suit exited. Sarah went in and pushed the button for the third floor. She took a moment to check her appearance and make up in the elevator’s mirrors before getting out. She walked down the corridor to 307.

She was shaking again, she brought the drink to her mouth and downed it in one mouthful. Amazingly, it slightly calmed her down. Nervously she opened the door and stepped inside. Sarah took a moment to take in her surroundings. The room was not too large, near the back was a king size four post bed made up with silk sheets. On the right was another door, Sarah guessed it led to a bathroom. On the opposite side to the door was a fully stocked mini-bar. Sitting on the edge of the bed was Lieto, who grinned at the sight of Sarah.

In the flesh he was even sexier than his photo. Sarah felt here pussy tingle as he admired her. Lieto was smoking a black cigarette, he was taking long drags on it while staring at her. On the floor near him was a black leather suitcase. Lieto was dressed in a dark suit with a white shirt, but no tie.

“You would be Sarah?” Lieto asked in a strong Russian accent.

“Yes, I’m Sarah. I’m guessing you’re Lieto,” Sarah said nervously making small talk.

“Yes, that would be me. Come sit next to me Sarah.” He patted the bed next to him indicating to her where to sit. Sarah regained her composure and went to sit next to him.

“Can I offer you a cigarette Sarah?” He asked taking out a packet of cigarettes from his pocket.

“No thanks, I don’t smoke,” Sarah replied.

“Live dangerously, Sarah. Try one” He said taking one from the packet, offering it to her. She took it from him and placed it between her lips. He lit it for her, and she took a drag on it. She coughed as the smoke hit her lungs, but it didn’t taste that bad. Lieto laughed while she was coughing. Sarah blew the smoke back out, and took another drag she didn’t cough this time. After a few minutes she was enjoying it and managing to take the smoke back without complaint.

“So what brings you to America?” Sarah inquired.

“I’m here on business. I work for a Russian software company. My company is looking to do business with an American company,” Lieto replied. Had it not been for the files Sarah would have believed every word of it, he was very convincing.

“So what do you think of America so far?” Sarah asked.

“It’s a lot warmer than Russia. But I have not had enough time to enjoy the sites so far. I would like to see the city before I leave,” Lieto answered.

“I’d love to visit Russia,” Sarah said.

“Yes, you should visit the motherland sometime. It is a very beautiful country. I think you would especially love Moscow, it is very nice this time of year,” Lieto told her in between drags on his cigarette.

Sarah noticed that while he was talking to her he had been checking out her legs. Teasingly she ran her hands down her stocking covered legs.

“Can I get you a drink?” Sarah asked, putting out her cigarette.

“Yes, a glass of red wine would be most enjoyable,” Lieto said.

Sarah got up from the bed and went over to the mini-bar. It was a small cabinet, with various bottles on top of it. Sarah guessed the camera would be in one of the drawers. She picked out a bottle of wine and opened it. She began to pour some into two glasses when she felt Lieto caressing her back. He started to kiss her neck gently, sucking on her skin. She couldn’t help letting out a little moan as he did so.

“You’re a very beautiful woman Sarah,” Lieto complimented.

Sarah couldn’t help resist his charms. She found him very sexy and she was starting to melt under his touch. She wasn’t sure what to do.


What does Sarah do?

          Sarah gives in to his charms


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