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.Secret Agent, Sarah Banks | deathofcards | 4


Sarah thought about catching up on old times with Jack, but the money he had given her was burning a hole in her pocket. She just had to go and spend it!

"I'll meet you tomorrow, Jack."

"Okay Sarah, contact me if you have any problems. All the information you'll need is in that folder," Jack replied.

Sarah headed towards the door and as she was about to leave she turned and blew Jack a kiss. She made her way through the main building of the college on her way to the car park. Now, she was so excited that her walk had become a run. Outside the sun was beating down heavily and reflecting off her shiny little sports car. 'What a great day for shopping,' she thought. Sarah got into the car and pushed the key into the ignition. She turned the key and the engine sprang to life with a purr.

She drove quickly to the local shopping mall, which was only a short distance from the school. Sarah couldn't wait to spend the money Jack had given her, she knew she had to buy something sexy. She was thinking about where to shop while she parked the car. There were a few outfits she'd had her eye on for some time. Sarah picked up the folder and tucked it into her bag as she climbed out of the car.

The mall's automatic doors hissed open as Sarah walked inside. For a weekday afternoon it was fairly quiet, which would make shopping easier. Sarah always hated it when the mall was so busy she could hardly move. She decided to go and buy some shoes first. She wandered around the mall looking for a shoe shop, she'd noticed a few but one had really caught her interest. She was looking through the windows of the store when she saw the guy behind the counter.

He looked to be in his mid-twenties, by his rounded face, deep blue eyes and small goatee. Sarah couldn't help but be captivated by his eyes. She headed into the shop, she was sure he was checking her out. She would love to have some fun with him, but she was busy. There might be time for that later. Sarah looked up and down the shelves until she found a pair of black stiletto heels. They were $50 and she had no trouble affording them. She took the Stilettos over to the counter and purchased them all the while smiling sexily at the clerk.

Next, Sarah went into an expensive fashion store in search of a dress. She spent a few minutes browsing the outfits and in the end she picked out a tight black cocktail dress. It had a halter neck and came down just below her knees. Sarah tried it on and loved how the dress made her breasts stick out, she decided she probably wouldn't wear a bra with it. The price for the dress was three-hundred-dollars, but it was worth it. Sarah realized she'd need something sexy to wear under the dress.

Sarah went into the Victoria's Secret store. She wished she had more time and money, as there was so much stuff she wanted to buy from here. Sarah decided to go for a virginal look and picked out a pair of matching white lace bra and panties. Sarah really wanted to look sexy so she also went for a pair of silk white stockings and suspender belt. She took her items to the counter.

Walking out of the shop Sarah realized she still had plenty of time so she decided to go for a coffee. She bought a coffee in the food court and picked a table in a corner so she could read through the file undisturbed. The file was divided into four sections; personal files of Lieto and Vincennes, information on Saskia's and information on the operation. Sarah looked at the information on Lieto first. There were several sheets of paper with a photo attached. Lieto was dressed in a dark suit with a black tie. He looked to be about 6'6, and was very well built. His face had quite a square look to it with well chiseled looks. His eyes were a dark brown and he had a full beard. She looked through his file. Lieto was estimated to be in his early thirties and born in Moscow. He had joined the Russian military in his late teens and had later served as a Spetznaz officer before being recruited by the KGB. The details after that were a little unclear, he had left the KGB and several years later resurfaced working for Vincennes. Lieto, despite being a trained killer and drug dealer, Sarah couldn't help but find him a little sexy.

Sarah quickly thumbed through the information on Vincennes. It was very limited, suggesting that he was either Italian or Spanish. Apart from the drugs he was also alleged to be involved in terrorist acts and gunrunning. A regular Keysor Soze mused Sarah. Then she read the information about Saskia's. The club was a gentleman's entertainment establishment and had been running for about ten years. The owner, Madame Saskia, was in her mid forties.

While finishing off her coffee Sarah read about the operation. Saskia had prepared a room for the CIA to use, which was fully fitted with bugs and camera. In one of the cabinets was a small camera for Sarah to use if need be. If at any point Sarah was in danger the CIA could be there in minutes, as they were going to be in a neighbouring room. Otherwise she was to meet Jack as planned tomorrow.

Her shopping trip concluded and Sarah headed back to the car. She had several hours to kill before going to Saskia's. Sarah wondered what to do. She opened her purse to put the reciepts from her recent purcahses inside, when she came across two things. The first was a piece of paper with Keith's phone number on it. The second was a business style card with Special Agent, Jack Anderson's number on it. Now, Sarah had to decide if she should get ready for tonight, or maybe call one of the men.


What should Sarah do?

          Sarah goes to Madame Saskia's


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