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A Gift From the Cosmos | CLITaurus | 10


Lauren’s tongue must have been magical because Kimberley climaxed quickly, letting out soft, high-pitched cries as her body spammed. As she did Emily looked over at Heather and frowned.

“Heather, come and join us.” she said.

“N-no,” stammered Heather “That’s all right.”

“But you look like you’re having trouble.” Emily continued “Maybe we can help.”

Lauren looked up from what she had been doing. “How did that feel, baby?” she asked looking at Kimberley.

“Wonderful” said Kimberley. “I didn’t realize how nice that could feel. It never felt that good before.”

“That’s because” said Emily “You’ve been getting guys to do it, and while they have some advantages, and a very few are even as interested in our pleasure as their own, they just don’t have the understanding of the pussy as someone whose grown up playing with their own.”

“Plus” said Lauren “I’ve had a lot more practice that most guys. Well we had to do something to amuse ourselves on lonely nights at cheerleading camp…”

Kimberly giggled and Emily just smiled, as if she had always suspected that was the case.

“Anyway” continued Lauren “Would you mind, Kimmy dearest, if I left you in Emily’s capable hands while I see if I can help out Heather?”

“Not at all.” said Kimberley “I’m sure we can find something to ‘amuse ourselves”

Lauren got up and began to walk over to Heather as Kimberley slid her head down from Emily’s breasts to her lap and turned over so she was facing her hairy hole. I turned to look back to Heather as I heard Emily saying “O.k. slowly now. It’s not like with guys. You don’t need to hurry. See how close you can get without touching it …”

Lauren, still wearing her light blue panties, now moist with her own arousal, stood looking down at Heather. “Come on Heather,” she said “Your hand’s obviously not cutting it. Let me try helping you out. You seem to like watching, why not partake?”

“But I’ve never even kissed a girl…” Heather protested.

“Neither had I” said Kimberley from between Emily’s legs “But it was great. And what came after was even better.”

“O.k.” said Heather “but everybody has to promise not to tell. I don’t want guys thinking I’m a …”

“Finish that sentence and I will slap you” said Lauren “None of us are like that. At most I’m bi and, trust me, most guys are into bi chicks in a big way. But I swear none of this leaves this room, and that goes for all of you, and I expect the same from you.

“Deal” said Emily and Kimberly.

“Fine” said Heather. “So what should I do?”

“Take off your pants and lie on the floor” said Lauren.

Heather stood up, pulled her sodden bikini bottoms off and lay down. As she did so I looked at all the wet spots that the girls were leaving all over Jennie’s furniture and momentarily regretted that she would not be here to see them. But the feeling passed.

Lauren knelt and put her face between Heather’s legs as I heard Emily breath “That’s it Kimmy … that’s right … gently … slowly … remember what Lauren did? … mmm … perfect …”

“O.k.” said Lauren reaching out to touch Heather’s engorged labia softly “It looks like you’ve been rubbing your poor clitty very hard.”

“AH! Yes” agreed Heather flinching at the touch.

“Well that may be your problem. It might need something soft and warm and wet.”

Heather’s eyes widened and she moaned as Lauren began to trace around her opening with her tongue. I watched, intrigued, as Lauren’s tongue moved softly over Heather’s nether lips.

“Are you ready baby? I’m going to try to finish you off.”

“Yes” groaned Heather and Lauren touched her engorged clit lightly with the tip of her tongue. The contact caused Heather’s body to bow and began to scream “AH! AH! AHHHH!”

“That’s it, baby” said Lauren “Ride it out. Let it wash over you.”

I looked down at Lauren. I had never suspected she was such a primo-cunnilinguist. I wondered momentarily if this had been the reason for Jennie’s friendship with her. I’d never understood how Jennie, who was an alpha bitch, could stand having another alpha female like Lauren around, but if they were lovers and Lauren provided the kind of pleasure to my sister as she was to these other girls then Jennie might be willing to put up with her competition for top spot in the clique. It was a theory, anyway.

I looked over at Emily who was still enjoying Kimberley’s attention and instructing her in the finer points. I could somehow tell that Kimberley wasn’t enjoying giving as much as receiving, although she obviously wanted to. It was a simple matter of making her enjoy the taste of Emily’s juices (and, I decided, and other girls) as much as my own to turn make Emily’s ongoing instructions into cries of delight as her ‘student’ became immediately more proficient and motivated.

I smiled and wondered whether I should get the girls to join me at the pool, or just ‘find’ them here.


Which will it be?


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