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A Gift From the Cosmos | CLITaurus | 10


Since I was responsible for Heather’s predicament I thought it only fair that I help her out of it. I ran to my room, put on my swimmers, returned and then made her, alone, see me and think I had just come in, while making the others ignore us.

“What’s happening?” I asked.

“Oh! Keith!” said Heather “We were getting changed and kind of got distracted.”

“I can see that” I said.

“Hnn …We were coming!” She said her face screwing up.

“Well Kimberly seems to be, but you seem to be having trouble.”

“I…I …I don’t know what’s happening.” She said “I’ve never had this much trouble getting off before.”

“Want some help?” I asked.

“Yes please!” she said.

“O.k. take off your bikini, lie on the desk.”

She stood up, pulled her bikini bottoms down, sat up on my sister’s desk and lay down. I walked over and looked at her. She was gorgeous and so ready I could literally smell it. Her eyes looked at me with a combination of hunger and need, her face showed the stress of her situation but her mouth smiled up at me Her small nipples stuck out erect from her C-cup breasts, her body almost glowed with arousal and her pussy lips stuck out red and engorged as did her clit.

I opened her legs, knelt down and put my fingers out to touch her labia making her gasp and flinch. The scent of her was overwhelming. I stood up and looked down at her. “I think what you need is a big, hard cock.” I said removing my swimmers to show her one.

“Oh Yes!” she said “Yes, that’s what I need!”

I pulled her down so her butt was level with the edge of the desk, put my rod to her hole and drove it into her. “That’s it” she groaned “That’s what I need! That’s exactly what I – I – Ah! Ah! Ah!” Having been so close already she peaked quickly, grabbing hold of me to stop from smacking her head on the desk, and as she did I made her feel how much better it was with a full cunt, and realize that she hadn’t been able to cum because she had been wanting this so much.

“Oh Keith” she said as her orgasm subsided “You were right, my pussy was holding out for your cock, that’s why I couldn’t finish without it.”

“But you ‘not’ finished” I said thrusting into her. She began giving out little gasping cries with every thrust as I gave her multiple orgasms, each one faster than the last. Eventually, I too felt myself approaching climax. I made her peak and then pulled out and sprayed her stomach with white juice. She put her finger down, scooped some up and put in her mouth

“Kimberley’s right” she said “ you are nummy.”


What now?


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