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A Gift From the Cosmos | CLITaurus | 8


I’d rather see the girls in their bathers than shooting pool any day so the choice was clear.

“Let’s go swimming” I said.

Even Kimberley didn’t seem to mind me ‘rejecting’ her idea as she followed the other girls up to Jeannie’s room to get changed. I followed them too, after commanding them all not to notice me. I wasn’t about to pass up the chance to see them all naked, and while I could have just made them strip this was way more fun.

They got to the room took their swimsuits out and began to remove their clothes. After ensuring that none of them would be shy about allowing the others to see their bodies I sat down to watch.

“You know” said Heather pulling off her top and showing off her lovely tits. “I’m kind of glad that Jennie had to take an early flight. She was kind of a bitch to Keith and she would never have wanted him at her party.”

“Yeah” said Kimberley removing her pants and revealing a pair of pink panties with a little patch of wetness. “And she would definitely have had a problem with me giving him head, and I really enjoyed it. Why did you girls say that spunk tasted nasty?”

“‘cause it does” said Lauren unclipping the light blue lace bra which held her large ripe melons.

“Not Keith’s” said Kimberley “His was delish.”

You blink. You hadn't told her to enjoy the taste of your spunk, but maybe if your using it on people you like, like Shelly and Kimberley, it changes what they experience things so that they want to follow your commands instead of just forcing them, the way it does with people like your father and Jennie.

“Like what?” asked Emily, who had turned out to be naked below her shirt and skirt with nice pink nipples and an unkempt mane of long pussy hair.

“I can’t describe it.” said Kimberley “Just yummy.”

“I guess we’ll just have to taste it for ourselves” said Heather smiling wickedly as she takes off her skirt and wriggles out of her little white panties.

“Or” said Lauren leaping on Kimberley “I can see if there is any left”

She pushed the protesting Kimberley down on Jennie’s bed and, as the brunettes laughed, planted her mouth on Kimberley’s and began to probe it with her tongue. Kimberley tried to fight her off but, since I found it hot, she quickly stopped and began to kiss her back and move her hands down to fondle Lauren’s big breasts.

Heather and Emily had stopped laughing when Kimberley had stopped fighting and were staring at their two friends making out on Lauren’s bed. While they looked shocked I soon changed that by making them as aroused by the sight as I was.

“M-maybe we should go and see if Keith is ready yet” said Heather, attempting to hide her arousal by pulling on her bikini.

“Um … Yeah.” Said Emily, still naked “Come on girls, we don’t want to keep Keith waiting.”

Lauren stopped kissing Kimberley and said “I don’t know if it’s Keith’s spunk, Kimmy, but your mouth tastes good.”


What to do?

          Sapphic threesome plus a voyeur


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