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A Bet Leads To Domination In The Office | masbdsm | 11


“Strip the new slave and put her on her back, Clarice, then attach the 3' spreader bar between her ankles.” orders.

Your cock throbs as you get a clear view of the new slave's shaved pussy. You swear you can see moisture dripping down her thighs. You nearly moan at the thought of wrapping your lips around her large erect nipples.

Clearly likes what she sees too, her crop following the curve of the slave's breast, then across her swollen nipples. Lingering there, hooks her crop on a nipple, pulling sideways. Smiling with delight as the slave sighs with lust. “You like that slave?” asks.

“Yesss Mistress, thank you Mistress.” the slave whimpers.

“What about this?” asks, as she flicks the crop across her nipples, careful to catch nothing but nipple.

The slave gasps, flinching. “No Mistress.”

“No? You are telling me no already? Does a slave tell a Mistress what to do?” barks as she flicks the crop firmly on her open crotch.

“OH!” the slave gasps, startled by the sharp pain. “No Mistress, I am sorry Mistress. Please use me as you wish for your pleasure. I am sorry, it won't happen again!” the slave gushes.

Tapping her crop lightly on the slave's open cunt, grins, “Much better slave. Yes, you are mine to use as I wish. A slave's total focus should be on pleasing and serving.”

continues tapping the crop on the open cunt, slowly increasing the force. “Clarice, you may suck her nipples. They are so beautiful when they are nice and hard.”

“Yes , thank you .” Clarice gushes, eagerly dropping down and begins sucking and licking the slave's breasts. Soon she has them nice and hard again.

touches Clarice with her crop, guiding her to her back on the floor, then straddling Clarice's face, she lowers her sex to Clarice's eager tongue and mouth. then places the butt end of her crop on the slave's swollen pussy. “Good girl, you may rub your cunt on the crop as a reward.”

Helpless, filled with lust, you watch the slave start fucking the crop, vainly trying to take it inside her. Moaning with need, she rubs her sex up and down the shaft, which is now glistening with her juices.

“You may not cum until given permission slave.” orders.

“Please Mistress, may I cum.” the slave asks breathlessly.

“No, you may not. Continue.” orders, “If you think you are going to lose control, you will inform me, and I will help you control it.”

“I am losing control Mistress!” the slave gasps.

pinches the slave's nipple between her thumb and forefinger, giving it a sharp twist.

Gasping, the slave freezes.

flicks the butt of the crop on slave's cunt. “Continue fucking the crop until I tell you otherwise slave!” barks sharply.

Again the slave starts rubbing her pussy on the crop. In just a few moments it is obvious she is nearing her peak again.

smiles, knowing the slave is torn between having an orgasm and being punished, or asking to have her nipple tweaked again. Neither of which are a great option.

rises from Clarice, her pussy swollen and dripping. Kneeling over the slave's face, she lowers herself and begins rubbing her pussy across the slave's nose and mouth, literally fucking her face.

“Stick your tongue out slave, make it hard for me.” orders, continuing to masturbate on her slave's mouth and tongue. Moments later she moans, nearly smothering the slave with her cunt and juices.

“Excellent warm up Clarice. Again, you have exceeded my expectations.” Glancing at you, she says “You may use anyway you wish, as long as he isn't allowed to cum until I give permission.”

“Thank you !” Clarice says eagerly, then hesitates. “Anything I wish?” she asks.

“Yes, he is your slave for the evening. I think I am going to be busy with this little fuck toy here for at least another orgasm or two.” says wickedly.


Clarice uses you by...


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