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7 Little College Girls | kendahl6969 | 10


The naked East Indian had a good idea what the surprised exclamation coming from the hallway was about, but wasn't about to let on that she did. The voice sounded like Erica's, but she wasn't sure, it could've been either of the naked redheads.

As Anita stepped outside the Room 6 doorway, she saw the redheads were turned towards her, a few feet away. Their attention was focused towards the floor in front of her.

The accounting major knew what to expect when she looked where their emerald eyes were directed. After all, it was she who deposited the nude American exchange student, unconscious, outside the bedroom door.

Cathy Martin still lay the way she left her, naked, propped up against the wall, the twins' graffiti still on her abdomen. The lovebites the redheads had inflicted upon the blonde's generous mams were now darker, and more obvious with the passing of time. She wheezed in her sleep as the three coeds watched her, swiping at her button nose before she fell back into a stupor.

"Looks like she didn't get far, Anita. You didn't see her when you arrived for our little rendezvous?" Sam asked, smiling as she said the last two words.

"I think I would've noticed a busty blonde naked in your hallway. Maybe she didn't make it back from the loo," Anita offered. She hadn't lied to the twins. She just didn't quite tell the truth. She wondered what Cathy would remember of the night.

"Whatever the case, I think we better take her with us and run some cold water over her, or she'll never make class!" Erica exclaimed thoughtfully.

"You're right of course, Eric," Samantha said, thoughtfully biting at a fingertip. "You make way for us, turn on the light, get the water running, hold the door open for us."

Erica nodded her head in response to her twin's directions, and took off, shampoo in hand. Sam turned to the bathroom entrance and watched as her sister turned on the overhead light. She heard the sound of the shower curtain's rings against the top rail as Eric pulled the curtain out of the way, as well as the sound of water spraying against porcelain. Erica reappeared, using herself as a doorstop. She nodded her head that all was ready.

Sam nodded back and turned back to Anita, still standing by the bedroom doorjamb. In a whisper, remembering it was still early and not wanting to wake up all of Dykesbeck, she gave Anita quick instructions.

"Anita, since you're by her head, why don't you grab Cathy under the arms and lift her. I'll do the same at the knees," Sam instructed. The redhead was already standing at the intoxicated American's pedicured feet. It was a simple matter for her to bend down and slide her hands up the girl's smooth tan calves, wedging them in the crooks of her dimpled knees.

"Uh," Anita stammered, "Sure." The Indian wasn't sure she wanted to get involved in this little episode and had hoped to head for her own floor's shower. But her conscience got the better of her and she agreed, not sure where to grab her at this end. It was so much easier when she dragged her out of the room by her feet!

The coffee-skinned teen finally put a hand under each of the blonde's armpits and pulled her away from the wall. With the exchange student's head braced her closed legs, Anita slipped her arms under the blonde's arms to better lift her off the ground. She found herself with handfuls of the gorgeous American's breasts.

Anita heard Samantha snicker as she caught her feeling up the unconscious eighteen-year-old's milky globes.

"No wonder everyone was so entranced with Cathy's breasts!" Anita exclaimed to the redhead as they started to slowly carry their precious cargo towards the bath on the other side of the hallway. "They feel so heavy and full!"

"You sure you don't want a taste, Anita?" Erica asked with a sly smile as she watched the girl continue to cop a feel as her twin and Anita carried Cathy past her, through the doorway.

Samantha stopped her progress over a small pink throw rug, looking up at Anita to hear her response as she let Cathy's bum rest on the fluffy pink rug.


Anita's response?

          Anita decides she does.


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