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(Rated-R-Wrestling) | ashley massaro | 7


REAL NAME: Ashley Massaro
BORN: May 26, 1979
HEIGHT: 5'5"
WEIGHT: 112lbs
HAIR COLOR: Dirty Blonde, Normally streaked with Black, Red or even Pink.
THEME SONG: Let's Light A Fire Tonight- Aiden
HOMETOWN: Babylon, New York
FINISHER: Starstruck||Spear||Spike DDT
DEBUT: June 27, 2005
2005 RAW Diva Search Winner, WWE Diva, 2007 Playboy Covergirl, WWE Covergirl.

BREAST SIZE/DESCRIPTION: 36 inches, Double D cupped tits. Large ample soft fleshy mounds with no regard for gravity whatsoever, with luscious pink nipples surrounded by flawless areolas just a incredible set of breasts.

TATTOOS/PIERCINGS: black and pink nautical stars on the back of both of her elbows, symbols on the small of her lower back and a butterfly on her right hip. piercings, a 'Monroe' a piercing near the upper lip that resembles a beauty mark and 'Snakebites' a piercing on each side of the lower lips

FINISHER: Starstruck||Spear||Spike DDT

ORIENTATION: Ashley is a very lively and rocking tough chick, who aren't afraid to brawl, she quickly began to turn heads with all her revealing punk outfits, the low-cut tops, short little mini-skirts, fishnet stockings and baseball caps, this girl was just oozing sex appeal, but the former wwe Diva doesn't wan't to be seen as the "FHM cover girl" or the "Playboy Bunny" rolling around in her Bra & Panties" anymore, She wants to be seen as an athlete, a wrestler, a girl who sacrifices herself for the industry she loves and has passions for and that shows with a natural ability to captivate the crowds.

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What's Her career path?


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