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7 Little College Girls | kendahl6969 | 9


Nude Anita, now sexually satiated, felt a little guilty about dragging the unconscious Cathy out of the twins' room so she could have her fantasy fulfilled with them. She tried to deflect any suspicion off herself by offering, "Oh, I'm sure she just sobered up a little and opted out."

Eric purred into her ear as she cuddled against her closer, her good-sized titties pressing against the East Indian's back. "That would've been a sight to see in the hallway, 'cause most of her clothes are lying in shreds around us."

Samantha lifted her head off the pillow it had rested against and saw the scraps of white cotton scattered around the bed, remembering how they had cut away her tee and undies in their hurry to get at the American's voluptuous flesh. The lovely redhead then focused her emerald eyes on the small alarm clock's digital reading.

"Shit!" cursed Samantha, upon realizing they had forgotten to set the alarm in their inebriated state. "We better get ready for classes now or we'll be late for our first day. Who's first in the shower?"

Eric also propped herself up on her elbows and looked at the clock. "It'd save time if we went together, Sam."

"You're right, of course, Eric."

Anita watched as Samantha and Eric appeared to jump from the tangled sheets in unison, their flared babydoll's fluff-trimmed hems swished around their heart-shaped asses as they each headed for a different still mostly-unpacked suitcase and picked an item out.

As if reading each other's minds, one chirped, "Got our shampoo?"

The other answered, "Check. Got our soap?"

"Check. Let's go." Sam said as the twins headed towards the door.

"They have towels and soap supplied in the bathroom," informed Anita after enjoying the synchronous sisters' antics from the comfort of their beds.

"Oh, well, we use a special soap!" answered Erica as they simultaneously skinned down their silky white bikini panties.

"Very special!" smiled Sam, as she swung it out for Anita to see.

Anita's eyes bugged when she saw what was on the end of the blue braided polyester cord Sam had slung over her shoulder. Talk about soap on a rope!

"Want to join us?" the twins asked, together, as they pulled the flimsy straps of the babydolls off their shoulders and tugged them to their elbows, letting gravity do the rest of the work on their translucent white shortie gowns.

Anita was stunned to see these alabaster beauties nude for the first time. She just couldn't resist the temptation of those fair-skinned curves and those come hither eyes as they stared right at her.

"Well, I guess I'm dressed for it!" Anita exclaimed as she jumped out of the bed, still naked from the romp hours before. "You are going out in the hallway like that?" she asked, already knowing the answer.

Both nodded at Anita, Sam saying, "Why not? Just us girls, eh?"

The East Indian just threw up her hands and shrugged her shoulders as she skipped ahead to catch up with the twins as they opened up the door.

"Oh, my!" Anita heard a voice gasp as she neared the doorway.


Why the sound of surprise?

          Cathy is found.


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