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Best Man's Diary | brevdravis | 5


"I think I'd like it very much if you seduced me, Mrs. Reisman." I stammered out, staring into Marianne's beautiful face.

"Well, If I'm going to seduce you, I probably should start something like this." Marianne spoke calmly, and with no warning brought her face forward to kiss my lips. Her lips were soft, and active, moving against me with a practiced ease. I responded, pulling her close, and feeling her arms embrace me.

Marianne's mouth opened slowly as we kissed, and I slid my tongue between her lips. She swirled her own around mine, before closing her mouth on my tongue and sucking gently. My hands roamed around her body, feeling the sexy curves underneath her light dress. She in turn was slipping her hands across my robe, moving towards the front.

Marianne broke the kiss, and stared into my eyes, as I felt her hands on the belt of the robe I wore. Within seconds, it was loosened, and her hands parted my robe to come around me again, this time touching the bare flesh of my ass. She squeezed gently as she kissed me again, pulling me close. I could feel her body against my cock, and the ache within it became almost unbearable.

"Do you think I'm doing a good job of seducing you, darling?" Marianne queried, breaking the kiss once more. Her eyes roamed over my now exposed form, lingering on the erection that pressed against her dress.

I nodded in response, as I felt her hand stroking over my chest, down towards my cock. After an eternity of waiting, she encircled it with her fingers, and stroked softly, bringing needed pleasure to my body.


How does Marianne proceed?

          Directly, chatting to keep me at ease.


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