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7 Little College Girls | kendahl6969 | 8


The early morning light brightened Room 6 at Dykesbeck House. Samantha and Erica awoke as one, rubbing the sleep out of their eyes, seemingly in unison. They turned to each other for a good morning kiss when the presence of another warm body between them got their attention.

They both propped themselves up on one elbow, resting their chins in their hands, facing each other like the matching bookends they were.

"How you feeling?" asked Erica of her sister.

"I've felt worse," answered Samantha, looking at the brown-skinned eighteen-year-old lying between them. "I know we were pretty shit-faced last night, but I remember bringing Cathy Martin up to our room. Am I wrong?"

"That's how I remember it," replied Erica, nodding her head in assent as she brushed her long red tresses from her face.

"Well, I've never been one to look a gift horse in the mouth!" said Sam as she gently stroked Anita's arm as she lay sleeping.

"No, just in the pussy!" snickered Eric softly to her sister.

"I must admit, I am feeling horny again," Samantha said, stroking lower, over the Indian's lace-encased abdomen.

"Well, she did say she was interested in having us on each side of her, so let's not disappoint," replied Eric as she reached for the shoulder strap to the teen's teddy and gestured for Sam to do the same.

The twin redheads headed to the foot of the combined beds, peeling the black lace teddy Anita wore down as they scooted down the mussed sheets, revealing her lean, chiselled torso as they pulled the material off her toned legs.

"She's got quite the bod, eh, Eric?" Samantha asked as she began to crawl back up her side of the bed.

"Mmm, yes," cooed Erica as she got back on the bed and stroked the defined musculature of the sleeping Indian's hips and abdomen.

"And look! Rings on her fingers, bells.. er.. ring on her pussy!" pointed Sam to the small golden ring that went through the clitoral hood. As Eric bent close for a closer inspection, her sister lowered an upturned hand and slipped her pinky finger into the ring, tugging on the girl's sex.

"Oh, do stop, Sam!" Erica pleaded.

Sam snickered. She knew Sis was squeamish about piercings, this one in such a private area made her doubly so. She gave a couple more little tugs before stopping.

They both watched as Anita humped her hips off the bed in response. As the sleeping girl settled, Sam smiled. "Seems someone enjoyed it!"

"Want to play down there a little while? I'll sample those other lips," Sam said to her sister as she gestured to the slightly puckered pink lips below Anita's bejewelled nose.

"I think that'd be fun!" replied Erica as she hunkered down over Anita's crotch.

As Erica busied herself with trying to get the tip of her tongue inside the Indian's clit ring, Samantha had pulled herself up to where she lay right beside Anita. The redhead studied the sleeping girl's straight, angular features. She brushed a hand through the short thick tresses of Anita's jet black hair. Sam then brought her small, cat-like tongue out from between her lush, ruby red lips and began to lap gently at the Indian's smooth skin, circling ever closer to her mouth.

It was when Anita began to stir under the onslaught of all this erotic activity that Sam was able to enter her parted lips.

Sam watched as Anita's big brown eyes opened to the surprise of having one of the twins she'd bedded down with passionately frenching her mouth.

It didn't take long for Anita to respond in kind, dancing her tongue against Sam's skilled one. She also realized that her pussy was being eaten as well. As Sam pulled away, Anita looked down to see Erica now tongue-fucking her ever-juicier gash.

Anita's view was now blocked by Samantha again, this time she was staring at Sam's pussyslot as Samantha straddled her chest..

"Eat me, Anita!" Sam urged as she pushed forward, her needy box resting on the Indian's chin, her flimsy babydoll panty simply pulled aside.

Anita really didn't need any coaxing. Erica's passionate muffdiving had enflamed her libido so, Anita dove right into the redhead's pulpy pussylips, stretching her tongue as far into the molten depths of the eighteen-year-old's cunny as she could, and lapping up all the resulting pussyjuice.

Moments later, as the three lay side by side, basking in the afterglow, Sam turned to Anita and asked, "So, did that fulfil your fantasy of being the pussymeat in a twin sandwich?"

Anita simply turned to hug Samantha and give her a little kiss.

"We enjoyed it as well, 'Nita" purred Erica as she pressed against the nude Indian's back and hugged her as well.

"But I wonder what happened to Cathy?"


What did?

          Not what the guilty party tells them.


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