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7 Little College Girls | kendahl6969 | 11


Suki stepped behind the old-fashioned wooden door as it opened towards her. She would be safely hidden for the moment. The nude Japanese coed watched the warm light from the hallway fall across the linoleum of the second floor bath. It also illuminated the stacked, naked blonde sprawled just inside the door.

Suki Suzuki could tell the person just on the other side of the door from her had stopped. Probably shocked at what they were seeing on the floor. Suki trembled in fear and trepidation as she saw who had entered the bathroom. The student stepped up to Cathy, her back to Suki.

The slim Japanese girl would've recognized that high-riding posterior and those meaty thighs anywhere. They belonged to Allison Washington.

"Maybe I oughta just let you sleep it off, girl," Allison muttered to herself as she changed her mind about flipping on the wall switch and brightening the room. She stepped around the American beauty and bent over to read the twins' graffiti.

"Dammmmmmmn! Somebody's been havin' some fun!" Allison whistled low as she finished reading Cathy's abdomen. "Hope you'll excuse me, Cathy, but that booze is just going right through me!" the black geography major told the semi-conscious blonde as she sat on the loo.

Suki peered at Allison from the shadows behind the wide open door. Allison had left the door open so she could see what she was doing without waking the dozing blonde. Suki watched as the physically fit black girl hiked up her black silk 'baby phat' sleepshirt so it was out of the way as she seated that bootylicious ass of hers on the toilet seat. The gold logo and accompanying tall slinky cat on the dark sleepshirt shone in the reflected light from the hall.

Suki shifted from leg to leg, rubbing her slim thighs together as her anxiety increased over getting caught here, especially now that it was Allison who might find her. Suki had noticed that Allison made sure everyone knew she was decidedly heterosexual, she had a man waiting, and that she was counting the hours to when she would next 'be with him'. Suki would be devastated if Allison found her like this with Cathy Martin.

The sound of Allison's piss hitting the toilet bowl began to sound like a torrent as she released her bladder. Both Allison and Suki looked to Cathy as they saw her stir.

"Is it raining out?" Cathy managed to slur as she heard the sound of water in her booze-clouded mind.

Suki tied to suppress a giggle as she heard this by covering her mouth with her small hand. She saw Allison smile and nod as well in Cathy's direction.

Allison soon wiped and flushed, pausing to wash her hands before she started to step over Cathy once again.

The athletically built black coed felt a hand against her silky calf. She stopped to look down. Cathy had brought a hand to Allison's leg and was caressing it. "Suki?" Cathy asked, her eyes heavy-lidded under the ash-blonde hair that obscured her blue eyes.

If Suki was stunned to hear Cathy call Allison by her name, she was floored by what she heard next.

"Mmm-hmm," Allison answered, trying to impersonate Suki's high, soft voice.

Suki didn't know whether to laugh or cry when she heard Allison try to sound like her. She just stood stone silent and listened further.

Allison looked down at the pretty blonde's face. She could see a sticky film had dried over most of the bottom of Cathy's face. And she was sure what it was.

"Please let me eat you again. Your pussyjuice tasted sooo good!" Cathy purred, still in a dreamland.

"What the hell?" Suki heard Allison mutter to herself. "Noone'll ever know!"

Suki tried to make herself disappear when she saw Allison swing her arm forward to close the door. It stopped a couple inches from the jamb and stood ajar. Just enough light shone under the door and through the opening for Suki to see what was going on.

Suki didn't think she ever had been both so frightened and so excited at the same time. She stood naked in the dark, almost within reach of Allison as she watched the black coed fall to her knees. Cathy's face was centered just below her kinky-haired pussy.

"Me so horny!" Allison told Cathy in a poor imitation of the Japanese coed as she dropped onto Cathy's waiting lips.

Suki tried not to make a move as she stood before the couple, but her burning hot pussy betrayed her. She ever so slowly manoeuvred her right hand over her sparsely thatched pussy entrance.

Suki could still not believe she was watching the supposedly straight Allison riding Cathy Martin's face to a cum. The math major surreptitiously slipped one finger, then two, into her little quim.

Suki continued to watch as Allison stripped off her sleepshirt and pawed her own fleshy dark breasts as Cathy tongued the black girl to a tremendous climax.

It was all Suki could do to keep from toppling over when she orgasmed herself. Just the idea of masturbating in front of these two was enough to ripple multiple climaxes through her.

Suki watched, not yet knowing her next move, as Allison pulled the sleepshirt back on her sweat-slick body. "It's been real, girl, but I gotta go!" she said quietly to the passed-out blonde as she got back to her feet.


What next for Cathy?

          Suki's decision.


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