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A College Girl To Be... | brevdravis | 8


Mr. groaned as he watched the two beautiful women making out in front of him. He was damned if he would wait one more second before sliding his cock into a wet pussy. Unfortunately for him, Sky had other plans.

"Have you ever given a lap dance, Sarah?" Sky murmured against Sarah's lips, punctuating the statement with a lick of her tongue.

"Sounds like fun," Sarah smiled, rising from her knees. She turned around, and sat down on Mr. 's lap, inches from his aching cock. She proceeded to mover her hips, back and forth along his thighs, in time with the music that still blared.

The action was driving him crazy, as Sarah teased him mercilessly. Sky looked on, an evil grin on her face, as she watch Sarah, occasionally making contact with Mr. 's cock as she ground herself on him. Occasionally Sarah stood, and changed her position, giving him a better view, or rubbing another part of her body against him.

"The girl's a natural, ," Sky marveled, watching the sexy girl pressing against him. At that moment, Sarah pressed her breast into his face, and as she did she scooted forward on his lap. The motion caused Mr. 's cock to bump directly into Sarah's crotch.

He groaned, so close to the girls tantalizing pussy. He ached to just grab her and pull her down on his cock, taking what he needed. However, he was enjoying the dance, and wasn't sure if it would be a good idea to break her rhythm.


Go for it, or let Sarah dictate the pace?


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