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A New Life | remfan55 | 3


You're getting so turned on that your brain isn't working. Della places the BITCH collar around you neck and secures the lock.

She walks over and around you as if she's inspecting you. Which she is. "Mhm, very nice. Not bad at all." She hits your ass with her crop, making you jump with surprise. She laughs.

You glance over to see the other slave girl in the same position. She can't smile because of her gag, but her face looks excited, like she will have fun serving alongside you.

You feel the butt of her whip lifting your chin up. "Did I tell you to look at my other slave?" she says.

"Uhhh-uhh," you say the best you can around your gag, before she slaps you across the face.

"Now. Kneel." You've seen enough shows to know what she expects. You get to your knees and spread your knees as wide as you can, then put your hands behind your head and look down. You see her hand touch your cock. You shake.

"This will be fun to tease," she says. "I won't be letting it cum, of course. But hours of teasing, that will be fun."

You tremble in fear. You love to watch the girls be teased and denied, but never expected it to happen to you.


How does she start?


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