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A bet: Blonde, brunette or redhead? | remfan55 | 1


Danielle, Sarah and Eva had been the closest of friends since they were little girls, in spite of the fact that they had blossomed in such different ways. Danielle, the redhead, had become a stereotypical "nice girl." Eva, the brunette, was the mean queen who chewed men up and spit them out, taking only the most attractive men. Sarah, the blonde, was the easy lay who had done amateur porn. And yet, no matter how different they were, they were inseparable. And so they went to the same college.

Early in their freshman year, they sat in their dorm's common room, when a debate broke out over whether blondes, brunettes, or redheads were the most attractive.

"As you know," said Sarah, sticking out her large chest to show off, "gentlemen prefer blondes."

"'Gentlemen' may like blondes, but real men fuck brunettes," Eva responded.

"All men want redheads," said Danielle. "They just don't know it. They're too conditioned to think they want everything else."

"Oh come on," said Sarah. "Why would they want redheads. I mean, you're hot and I'd do you, but why redheads?"

"We're firy and exciting."

"Ladies," said Eva, "why argue over this? Let's put it to the test."

"How do you mean?" said Danielle.

"Well," said Eva, looking at the clock, "it's now 11:55 pm on September 30. October starts tomorrow. Let's take one month and see who can get the most love."

"I'm in," said Sarah in a heartbeat.

"Are you kidding me?!" said Danielle, noticeably shocked. "Just sleep with everyone? You know I'm looking for a boyfriend."

"Then you'll just lose," said Sarah. "In or out?"

Danielle took a deep breath. "I'm in," she said reluctantly.

"Good," said Eva. "You're all going down."

"We'll have to keep logs, so we can compare," said Sarah. "It all starts in five minutes!" Then she reached under her skirt, removed her panties and walked away from the table.

Danielle laughed. "Wasting no time, huh?" she said to Eva, whom she them noticed was unbuttoning the top buttons of her blouse before walking away.

Danielle took a deep breath and decided she herself better get to it if she wanted to compete. She reached under her shirt to remove her bra, then walked away herself.


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