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7 Little College Girls | kendahl6969 | 10


Suki, alarmed at the thought of Cathy coming to the realization that she was being used sexually in her sleep, froze in her position straddling the American exchange student's face when she felt the blonde's soft hand on her leg.

The Japanese mathematics major trembled in her standing position above Cathy. Her one hand was poised over the small bathroom's counter, having grabbed her silky bathrobe from the countertop in her plan for a hasty retreat. Suki bit her small, bow-like bottom lip in an effort to keep from mewling aloud as she enjoyed the caresses to her light brown calf as the blonde slid her manicured fingers seductively up her leg.

"S-Suki, don't go, this is the best dream, I don't want it to end..." slurred Cathy, still sounding intoxicated by the alcohol in her bloodstream, as well as the pussy nectar on the tastebuds of her little pink tongue.

Suki peered down at the sexy blonde. Her hair was mussed, hiding her eyes. The Japanese coed's gaze was riveted to Cathy's button nose and pouty lips. The American's tongue still searched for the sweet pussyjuice she had sampled, licking at her red lips.

Satisfied Cathy was still in an inebriated dreamworld, Suki slowly lowered herself back down to Cathy's upturned face. The raven-haired innocent's gymnastic background made it easy for her to stay on her feet as she straddled Cathy, her calves touching her trim thighs.

Suki drew her wet slit along Cathy's upturned button of a nose as she swung her hips forward. She sighed sweetly as her engorged clit, pulled free of it's protective hood, bumped against the soft cartilage, sending erotic tingles through her tensed frame.

Her earlier tentativeness now gone, Suki began to shamelessly slide her dewy pussylips against the equally pulpy lips of Cathy's mouth.

Cathy needed no further encouragement. She eagerly stuck her tongue up against the tight entrance of the Japanese coed's cunny. Cathy pushed further into the folds of Suki's pussy as the girl above her kept humping back and forth. The blonde was rewarded by a steady trickle of pussyjuice into her open mouth.

Suki's head rolled back as she orgasmed hard on the American's practiced tongue. Bucking forward again, Suki decided to repay Cathy's attentions.

As Cathy continued to explore the virginal depths of Suki's sex, the dark-haired girl poised above her face reached forward and began to play with the gelatinous masses of the blonde's big boobs. She kneaded the soft, silky dough of her new classmate's titties, thumbing the hard nips, watching as they poked even higher from their pink bases.

Suki could feel Cathy moan and purr contentedly into her tongue-stuffed gash, the vibrations causing the Japanese eighteen year old to turn to jelly once again. Suki watched as Cathy humped her ass off the floor in response to the tiny girl's tittyplay.

Her sexual escapades making her ever more adventurous, Suki dropped to her knees and began to slowly work her way down the lush curves of the American's torso. She could feel Cathy tremble below her as she worked her little, cat-like tongue down Cathy's flat belly and swirled it around the erogenous zone of Cathy's navel.

It was a struggle for the petite miss to reach the golden fleece of Cathy's pussy and stay in place on Cathy's still-working mouth, but she did it. The Japanese girl, light-headed now herself with fucklust, lifted up on her hands, push-up style, and giggled at the twins' handiwork.

Even upside-down, Suki was able to read the 'Kilroy was here' parody. Two sets of boobs hung over the top of a fence instead of a big ol' nose. Further down were two sets of arrows drawn in the same red lipstick as the rest of their artwork. Each pointed to Cathy's pussy. 'Sam was here' was scrawled at the other end of one arrow. Of course, 'Eric was here' was written at the end of the other one.

And now, Suki was here. She lapped kittenishly at the blonde's open-petaled pussy, her little chin grinding on Cathy's clit, making the American hump back against her mouth even more furiously. Consequently, Suki clenched her lithe thighs against the blonde's ears as she climaxed yet again on the blonde's tongue.

Suki felt Cathy quake in climax below her, gratified that she, a mere novice, was able to please her new friend so. And then, the blonde's body went limp.

Concernedly, Suki jumped off the girl, hoping she hadn't suffocated her with her clenching thighs. Looking down at the prone blonde, she simply smirked, breathing a sigh of relief. Cathy seemed to have just passed out again, her tongue still hanging out of her mouth a little. Her exhausted body still heaved as her breathing struggled to return to normal.

Then, Suki thought she heard a noise in the hall outside the second floor bath. With no time to hide, she simply flicked off the light and held her breath.


What awaits?

          Someone needs to use the loo.


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