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A College Girl To Be... | brevdravis | 7


Mr. couldn't take any more, and he felt his balls tightening under the ministrations of the two women. Their lips, meeting around his cock, and sucking gently, was too much for him to take as he felt the surges of his orgasm through his spine.

His cock began to jet, spurting over Sarah and Sky's kissing faces. The white come splattered over Sarah's cheek, and Mr. turned his cock slightly to the side, so that Sky caught the next blast full on her lips. The two women licked and nibbled on his throbbing member as he fired his seed into their faces. On and on he spurted, coating them with his juice.

Eventually, the orgasm slowed, and the two woman took turns sucking gently on his dick, pulling the last drops of seed from it. When he was totally spent, they turned to each other. Sky ran her tounge over Sarah's glazed face, licking up the spunk from her cheeks. As she took each drop into her mouth, she turned to Mr. and swallowed. The sight of this woman totally accepting his sperm was a total turn on for him, and despite the massive orgasm, he felt his cock becoming harder. He had just had an orgasm, and yet he felt like he was nineteen again, and ready to fuck them both.

Sarah too was busy, and slid her tounge into Sky's mouth, tasting Mr. on her lips. She delighted in the taste, and was even more turned on by the fact that he remained ready to pleasure her in other ways.

The problem was, the place they were at the time was a little public. Mr. wondered if he should ask the girls if they wanted to go somewhere a little more private, or damn the torpedoes, and go for it right here.


Change location or do it here?

          Sarah's first lap dance.


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