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Ancient Royal Incest | Erandil | 31


Rebecca's face is red with rage. Her eyes are filling with tears and her fists are closed tightly. She is actually shaking as she looks at the Queen. Laura, who stayed in the doorway to listen to the story, is staring at your mother in disbelief. Your whore of a mother is crying silently and Anna seems disgusted by her family.
"Rebecca? it seems our mother has put you through hell for no other reason than to satisfy her egocentric needs. If you would feel the need to take revenge upon her, you have my permission to do so right now."
She nods silently through her anger and Laura comes back in the room. "Hum... could I stay to watch this? Please? I mean this ought to be good, and I'm sure you can always use one more slut around! Other servants can relay your orders to the kitchen..."


What does Rebecca do to Evelyn and do you allow Laura to stay?

          She whishes to have her made into a public whore.


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