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Ancient Royal Incest | vic_elor | 30


“I see a lot of your father in you my liege, though you take his perversions… his desires to a very different level.” Your mother tells you, trying to cover up the use of the word perversion so as to not anger you.

“I’m not sure how this little reminiscing is really relevant Evelyn. Are you sure you want to do this mother?” you ask coldly.

“Yes my liege and I assure you it will be very relevant very soon.”

“Very well then, please continue but make it quick.”

“Among all the other things your father secretly enjoy he took great pleasure in watching me be taken by surprise and fucked by random males of his choosing. I’ll never quite understand why he enjoyed this but he was my king so I did as he asked.” You mother says with hesitating, clearly not enjoying those memories.

“I’m still not sure what the relevance of any of this is and as it is taking time away from enjoying Anna and Rebecca. I’ll warn you my patience is growing thin.”

“Again, I assure you this is relevant. Your father always took great care and put much planning into each of my unexpected encounters to ensure I would be taken completely by surprise but the timing would be right so that he could ensure I would not become pregnant by anyone but him.”

“A wise precaution.”

“Yes, but a difficult one to ensure with 100 percent success. And on one encounter very shortly after the birth of your little sister Princess Anna his calculations weren’t quite right and I became pregnant once again only this time with a child that wasn’t your fathers.”

“I’m not the youngest child then mother?” Anna asks, suddenly greatly interested in the stories outcome.

“No, not exactly. As your father knew the child wasn’t his he had me sent away for the duration of my pregnancy to live cloistered with my sister until the child was born.”

“I think I remember that.” Your older sister interrupts, “I remember being little and wondering where you had went and father told me you were spending time with a sick relative.”

“Yes, that is what he told everyone who inquired as to my location. I had to give away the child to an orphanage after it was born and upon my return home everyone was told my sick relative had recovered completely.”

“I suspect that is not the end of the story dear mother otherwise you have wasted all of our time.” You interject.

“Of course not my king, not at all. After many years I managed to track down the child who had been adopted shortly after my placing her in the orphanage. She had been taken in by a young bar maid who had wanted a child but couldn’t afford to become pregnant and suffer the shame of being an unwed mother. The child had not yet even been told she was adopted and likely never would have been. She was simply going to grow up and follow in her new mother’s footsteps.”

At this point you realize Rebecca has suddenly become much more interested in your mothers story and though she doesn’t say anything you begin to suspect you know where your mother was going with this story.

“If I may mother, I think I might be able to finish this story for you. Now, tell me if I get this correct. By this point in time father had completely forgotten about the illegitimate child and saw nothing wrong when you decided to go out and force the young barmaid to give over her precious daughter to you so that you could take her home and make her one of your little servant girls. The woman was likely saddened to let her child go but knew she’d have a better life in the castle then she could provide for her. You never told the girl her true identity and simply made her become one of your little lesbian toys, although she didn’t really enjoy it.”

“That is all correct, although some of the details I can’t confirm as I can only guess as to the adopted mothers reasons for turning over the girl to me.”

“But she knows now because you just told her.” You add with a smirk.


“Did you hear that Rebecca, today is a big day for you! You not only get to become my personal slave girl but you also find out that you are our half-sister.”


What happens now?

          Rebecca's indignation


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