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Ancient Royal Incest | vic_elor | 29


Anna sighs before beginning to speak and during her entire explanation she can’t seem to look you in the eye.

“I love you brother and I always have. I want only to make you happy and make you proud of me and perhaps someday you would love me as well. Even though I may still be fairly innocent from a lifetime sheltered away in the castle library I am not a fool. I see our mother and our sister. I’ve seen our cousins. They are all beautiful women with large breasts and full hips, pouty lips, nice butts and attractive faces. And then there is me: small breasts, little hips, a small butt and forced to hide my face behind these glasses. I’ve known since I was little that I’d never be able to compete with any of them for your affection on their terms but years ago I realized I don’t need to compete with them on their terms because they could never compete with me on my terms. You see Master, I have things they can not offer you no matter how hard they try.” Anna says meekly, forcing herself to say each word.

“Go on, you have my complete attention little sister.” You tell Anna, fully aware that in reality everyone in the room is listening intently to the confessions of the soft spoken, rarely heard from princess.

“I can offer you innocence. I am not naïve, I understand there is evil and injustice in the world but I am not tarnished like the other women you have access to. I am a virgin; never been touched, never been kissed, never been courted, never even seen a male naked before your performance in the royal garden earlier. I’ve saved myself completely for you and I know neither our sister nor our mother can say anything like that. In fact, I doubt there are many slaves and servants in the castle or women in the kingdom who can say that.”

“I’m surprised little Anna, I hadn’t realized how much you had cloistered yourself in your room and in that library. I had suspected you were a virgin but I would have never guessed to that extent.” You tell Anna, smiling as you can practically feel the evil sneers coming from your mother and sister over essentially being called sluts.

“That’s not all I can offer you. I’ve spent my whole life reading the tomes in our library and studying scrolls and essays in my room. While I may not have as much real world experience as your advisors I suspect I may have at least as much knowledge as any of them and with no ulterior motive. I wish only for you to succeed in battle and politics; I have no desire for any power or prestige of my own.”

“Also true and you are correct in the rarity of that condition. Mother may be well learned but I doubt she has spent as much time as you have and no matter how much I make her understand she is just a whore now she will always have ulterior motives. And I doubt our lovely sister Laura has ever even opened a book.”

“Hey!” Laura begins to protest your insult but drops silent with one turn of your head.

”Please continue little sister. It sounds as though your list is not yet complete. Do you have even more to offer?”

“Yes Master, I do. I can give you loyalty and obedience. The loyalty I can not explain, you must either accept or reject on its own merits…” Anna starts to say before you cut her off.

“I have no doubt as to your loyalty. You proved long ago when we were still both little children that you are a worthy and loyal confidant. There is no need to prove that to me.” You inform her with a smile. You can see the hint of a smile on her face even though she is still looking down at the floor.

“Thank you Master, it pleases me greatly to know you feel that way about me. It is not just loyalty I can give you though, I can also give obedience and in that I am well trained. That is not something our mother or sister can ever say.”

“Well trained? I’ve always known you to be a girl who chooses her words carefully Anna so that you most often mean what you say. What do you mean by ‘well trained’?”

“For years now I have spent many hours everyday with mother’s servant girl as well as the castle slave master so that he may use his many talents to teach me to be able to offer you obedience. He has refused to ever perform any lasting physical harm to me as he knows my title prevents him from doing so without the king’s permission so perhaps my obedience is not as deep as the most broken of the castle slave girls but I believe you would still be pleased with the level I have obtained.”

“Is there anymore you think you can offer me little one, or have you finally reached the end of your impressive list.”

“I can think of nothing more Master.” Anna replies.

“Very well.” You say as you shake your head in approval, “You have made your case very well my precious little sister and I am very pleased with what you have told me. I have always felt great affection towards you and not just because you are the only younger sibling I have but also because you are the only member of our family who has not betrayed me in one way or another. Oh yes, most of our families betrayal have been minor and petty so I do not hold them too close to my heart but still to always be there for me has meant quite a lot. Therefore, I have made my decision. If it is truly your wish to become my loving slave-girl then so be it. I will gladly take you into my possession. In fact, I will take you and your little friend, mother’s former servant, to be my personal slave-girls so that you and your little friend can be together everyday. Servant girl, you may look up now. Tell me, now that you are important enough for me to care what is your name?”

Anna’s friend lifted her eyes to look at you but still did not lift her head up all the way, likely out of fear that you would scold her.

“Your mother called me Natasha.” The girl replied quickly.

“Tell me, has your time in the company of my little sister made you as careful with your words as she is because your statement sounds peculiar, as if there is something you are not telling me. Is Natasha your name?”

“It is the name your mother gave me, yes. And yes Sir… I mean Master, I have become more precise with my words after spending time with your sister.”

“So then what are you not telling me? If that is what my mother named you does that mean you have another name?”

“Yes Master. My mother named me Rebecca but when your mother took me away and made me one of her servants she told me I was to be given a new name since my old life was over. To the best of my knowledge I believe your mother has renamed many servants and slaves in your castle over the years.”

“Which do you prefer, my sister’s friend, the name your mother gave you or the name my mother gave you?”

“Given the choice…” The woman says hesitantly, unsure if this question is a test or a trap, “I much prefer the name my mother gave me.”

“Alright then Rebecca, I restore to you your true name. Now that you serve me instead of my whore of a mother you may use your real name. I will have a guard inform the staff of your change in status and name shortly.”

Rebecca has a glowing smile now that you have decided not to toss her into the dungeon, restored her real name, and have given her a way to spend lots more time with what sounds like her only friend.

“Now, whore and slut I wish to have some alone time with my new possessions. Whore, you will go to the kitchen and inform the chefs that I will be late for my meal and that the meal should be served without me. I will take my meal privately with the four of you once I am done with these two. Once you have informed the chefs of this and they understand you will return to the dinning room, kneel down next my chair and wait there for me until I arrive. Oh yes, I will be taking the chair at the head of the table now instead of you of course. Now slut, you will go to the quartermaster and inform him I will be needing two new female slave collars, preferably the nicest and prettiest two he has available. I also want you to have him find Princess Anna’s spare pair of glasses as well as place an order with the optic maker for two new pairs as well. Once you have done all that you return with the items, give them to my guards stationed outside my quarters and then join our mother in the master dinning room.”

“Master, I do not wish to sound presumptuous but why do you wish so many pairs of glasses made. If you plan on being rough with me you could simply take me glasses off to ensure they don’t break.” Anna asks, still smiling ever sense you mentioned getting her and Rebecca collars.

“Oh little one, little one, little one…” You say as you shake your head in amazement, “You are smart as the greatest sage in the kingdom and yet you can still be so unobservant. Tell me, can your friend Rebecca read?”

“No Master, I’ve always had to read to her.”

“Have you ever tried to teach her how to read?”

“Yes, several times. She seems to desire to learn but she doesn’t seem to have the aptitude for it. It is sad and strange, she seems so smart that I can’t understand what is wrong with her.”

“Oh Anna,” You say as you run your hand through Anna’s long, soft hair.

“I know I’m not as SMART as our little sister my king,” Laura says with snide voice on the word smart, “but I’m not sure what your point is either. If you’re going to rough Anna up, and I don’t know why you would as she is so delicate, it would make more sense to take her glasses off.”

“You are all so slow.” You say as move your hand out of Anna’s hair and remove her glasses. Suddenly her eyes shift about and is almost certainly unable to see.

“Master, everything is blurry without my glasses.”

“Rebecca, raise your head up and look at me.” You command gently. As Rebecca looks up at you your sister and mother both let out a long “ooooh!” as they notice Rebecca’s eyes looked the same as Anna’s.

“Little one, your friend is not stupid or incapable of learning to read.” You inform Anna as you slide her glasses back onto her face, “She simply has vision problems, just like you do. Your friend can’t learn to read because the words are all blurry. She probably never even knew there was something wrong. Is that right Rebecca?”

“I need glasses?”

“Only one way to find out. Anna, let your friend borrow your glasses.”

Anna doesn’t seem too pleased but she hands over her glasses to Rebecca without saying a word. Once Rebecca has placed them on her face her eyes get wide and her mouth drops open.

“Oh my god! I had no idea. Everything is so much clearer now!”

“Now give them back Rebecca, you’ll have your own pair soon enough.” You order her, knowing that she would be unlikely to give away her sight without your strict order.

“Thank you master!” Rebecca says with tears in her eyes as she hands back Anna’s glasses.

“Good, now that that is solved, why are you two still here? Evelyn, Laura, I believe I gave you specific tasks to accomplish.”

Laura reluctantly slides off your bed, her ass clearly still in pain from the rough fucking you had given her earlier. On the other hand, your mother does not seem to move.

“Well Evelyn, get going.”

“My liege, I know you seem to get very angry when you’re demands are not met immediately but I believe there is something you must know. Please, if you will allow me to stay with you a moment there is something I should tell you and I believe it would be easiest if all five of us were here.” Your mother says meekly.

“Very well, I suspect after all that I have put you through yesterday you’ve learned enough to simply do what you are told so I will assume you really do have something worthy of questioning my orders. Speak mother, tell us what it is you must say at the cost of risking my wrath.”


What does the queen have to say?

          A secret regarding Rebecca


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