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Ancient Royal Incest | vic_elor | 27


Before Anna can open her mouth to explain a familiar servant girls burst into your quarters.

“I beg your forgiveness for intruding my liege but some of your servants are trying to escape.” The young woman blurts out, her eyes downcast. She looks familiar but there are so many young beautiful bodies rooming the castle now that it is hard to keep track.

“What? What do you mean trying to escape?” You yell, “Guards, get in here!”

The two guards who had been posted outside your room rush in and salute. Even though they are showing proper respect to you it is clear they are eyeing your mother and older sister, both beautifully naked and sprawled out on the bed. You’re a little surprised both seem to be completely ignoring both Anna and the servant girl.

“Which servants are trying to escape?” You ask the girl harshly.

“The other four of Queen Evelyn’s personal servant girls. They’ve left the castle and are heading towards a neighboring kingdom to petition help to free our mistress. I tried to convince them it was a horrible idea and that you would surely be angry with them and punish them severally but they wouldn’t listen.” The girl informs you.

Now you realize where you’ve seen this young woman before; she was one of your mother’s personal servant girls that you used to humiliate her.

“When did they leave?” You ask, impatiently.

“At dawn sir.”

“Dawn?” you scream, “Dawn? And you’re just informing me now you moronic little wench. Do you have no brain in your head or where you hoping to give them a head start, maybe enough time to guarantee success. Well you didn’t succeed, even if they left at dawn my royal guards will catch up with them long before they make it to our closest neighbor.” You shake your head in disbelief.

“I again apologize my liege but I did not wish to give them a head start and as to whether I have a brain in my head I guess it is not my place to say. I couldn’t tell you earlier then now as I just only freed myself moments earlier. You see, when I told them I would alert the guards if they tried to escape one of them hit me over the head with one of mistress’s metal toys. When I awoke I found they had tied me up and gagged me. If you do not believe you can inspect my arms and legs. I still have the rope burns from my struggles.” She pleads with you, extending her arms.

“Guards, what are you waiting for? Summon up a team and hunt down the traitorous wenches. I want them back alive preferably so I can punish them myself.”

The guards take one last glance at the two women sprawled on your bed and hurry away to execute your orders. You notice the servant girl is still standing before you with her arms extended.

“Yes, I can see the markings though I’m not sure if I truly believe your story completely. If the other four left on this fools errand we did you stay behind? Why did your friends feel such imprudent compassion and you did not?”

“I apologize yet again my liege but you have stated things wrong. They are not my friends, they are fellow servants. They all get along quite well and playfully fight with each other for mistress’s affection almost like sisters. I live with them, I eat with them, I sleep with them, and I serve my mistress with them but I am not one of them. Though it may be improper to say if I were to consider anyone to be my friend it would be Princess Anna.”

“What do you mean?”

“She speaks the truth Master.” Anna chimes in, eyes still downcast much like the servant girl who stands next to her, “I have spent many hours with this girl and she is clearly not like mother’s other servants. The others served mother with lust in their eyes, desiring only the love and attention of mother. She clearly served only because of duty. I never saw any lust in her eyes when she looked at mother though I did see it when she would speak of you Master.”

With so many beautiful young women rooming about (including of course your mother and sisters) you had never really paid much attention to any of your mother’s servants simply assuming when you saw the skill with which they pleased your mother that they were all lesbians. It had never occurred to you that this might not be the case.

You eye the servant girl up and down as if it were for the first time. Standing next to your little sister Anna you are amazed at how similar the two were. This young woman had the same color hair styled in the same way, they both had small builds with petite waists, they both even stood with the same posture. The only noticeably differences were this girls obvious lack of bracelets, glasses and her slightly larger 24b breasts.

“I see. Well, you did the right thing coming and telling me. As a reward for your obedience you may spend tomorrow as you wish, a holiday of sorts.”

You pause for a few seconds, assuming the woman would bow and depart but instead you find she remains motionless.

“You may leave now.” You instruct her, irritation noticeably slipping into your voice.

“I beg your forgiveness my King but I have a request to make of you and I fear if I do not make it now I may never get a chance to ask again.” The girl tells you, both body and voice beginning to tremble.

“A request? That’s very presumptuous of you to assume I would even listen to your request but seeing how you did just do me a service and my precious little sister Anna seems to be quite fond of you I’ll allow you to speak but I suggest you speak quickly.”

“I’m not sure what my purpose is any more my king. As you have taken your mother and made her into your whore she clearly will no longer be needing me as a servant and I had no real desire to please her anyway accept that it was my work. And as Princess Anna has pointed out I am quite attracted to you my king, as I’m sure so many in the castle and the kingdom are. I wish to serve you now my king, if it pleases you.”

“You do serve me. All women in the castle serve me.” You reply, mocking the girl a little.

“I wish to serve you more directly. You can not rely on your mother and sisters to do all your tasks for you, especially if you intend to fuck them as… strongly as you did Queen Evelyn in the garden earlier and I notice while you have many advisors and maids you have no master servant, no one to dispense your orders to the others or to ensure the others keep you happy without needing you to tell them what to do.”

“And you believe you would be perfect for this role, yes? Why, because you reluctantly spent your nights licking my mothers snatch or because you were dumb enough to be incapacitated by group of girls?” You ask, again attempting to mock her though you knew she had a point.

“I am not sure if I would be perfect for the role but I do now that you would need someone who will loyally serve you without question. And not out of fear or force but out of choice.”

“Let me guess, my little sister Anna has been practicing her book learned politics with you, hasn’t she?” you say with chuckle.


Do you promote her or do you punish her for her arrogance? And what about Anna's explanation?

          Think it over when it comes to the servant and get Anna's explanation first.


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