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Ancient Royal Incest | Erandil | 23


"Well if you don't want to please my royal cock, you'll have to do something else. From now on I grant you power over our mother. You're still my bitch but now you can order the Queen around and torment her or nurse her as you choose, unless it goes against one of my directives." A spark lights in the depths of her mind. Laura is overjoyed to be able to regain a little of the power and control she used to have and abuse. "Thank you 'my Liege'. If that is so, then I'll supervise the Queen as she services you, how about it?" The question was more of statement that anything else. Laura reaches over you and takes hold of Evelyn's head. Her fingers dig in your mother's blond mass of hair with love and longing, before clasping tightly around her skull in a heartless dominant grip. Laura quickly pulled Evelyn's head to your throbbing cock and pushes her face against it, rubbing your dick head and the copious amount of pre-cum it leaks all over her face. You can feel your mother's nose poked hard by your cock, then her lips being forcefully spread around. Her eyes are shut tightly and after the initial surprise she surrenders and opens her gooey lips to allow access to your member. She tries to give you a normal blowjob, sucking your cock and caressing it with her tongue, but instead chokes on you as Laura pushes her head down on your dick with strength, forcing your mother to deepthroat you.

You smile at your sister, showing her your appreciation of her initiative. You lie back against the massive head of your bed and enjoy the throat fucking. Even the sound of the Queen gaging is exciting you, so before long you blow your morning load deep in your mother's throat.


What do you with your day?

          Summon your little sister Anna


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